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    Comp question [2v2]

    nobody? i dont want to be a nag but time until release is short :P

    for those who don't reply cuz of TL;DR:

    frostmage + SHADOW or ENHANCER for 5.3 2v2 arenas?
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    Shadow imo. Ive never played with an Enh, but I usually do better with ranged classes - and there is plenty of good synergy with Spriest.

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    Honestly, enhance, they flown under the radar quite a bit recently and i expect the new buffs and nerfs to other classes will throw them over the top, ascendance is crazy ass burst that turns them into a hunter basically, with the 20(30?) yard range on attacks. Shadow is getting nerfed rather drastically, utility wise which is all frost mages used them for since a frost mage can kill someone on their own if they can set it up. my 2 cents

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    so the burst is what rly makes enhancer interesting for me. my thought would be to kill a healer in a good shatter, but basically i should be able to do so with my spriest too, like as you said, mage is able to kill alone.

    thanks for replies, i'll first try shadow. if we fail i still can roll enhancer hunter warlock or something else

    one thing, am i the only one who thinks shadow "nerfs" won't change that much? i mean.. basically voidshift is rly OP in combination with alter time, but in arena games, especially 2v2 vs 2 good dd's, i think we wouldn't be able to set up a perfect shift/altertime to be at max HP both

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    not sure whats TL;DR about your post. Go with enh - they gonne be a bitch comp to beat.
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