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    Quote Originally Posted by Bantokar View Post
    MOP made me quit PvE completely and PvP is not looking to good. I still think they are clueless and the resoning behind the PvP changes is way of base.

    I dinged 90 and worked my way to a full honor set with 0 crafted items. Especially in random BG where most people are headless chickens you can easily be usefull in fulll blue questing gear. Imagine the outrage in PvE if armor sets making you ready for the latest tier of raiding was given freely to fresh 90´s??

    IMO the problems in PvP are:

    - It´s all become a CC/burst timing game, with blanket CC/silence being way out of control
    - Infinite mana pools. Even OOM´ing a healer is no longer an option
    - Instant casting.. Hard to silence/interupt when 90% of spells are either instant casts or uninteruptable
    - BALANCE.. Yes this a major issue. Some classes are extremely OP thus making some arena combos godlike
    - Imbalance of selfhealing on non healer/hybrid classes. Rogues can vanish and recoup indefinently, warriors second wind, warlocks are almost tanky etc, while a class like DK has almost 0 selfhealing.

    A few personal gripes

    - Choosing the skills that are and are not allowed in Arena. Like Warlock tele portal on multiple level arenas.
    - Severe skill/ability/spell bloat. You need a razer Naga 9000000 and 200 macros and 400 keybinds to play properly.

    Well PVP is the only thing i do now, and your post has hit the nail firmly on the head,

    a couple of other points id like to make is why is anything that takes an iota of effort removed from the game,

    example gearing up a pvp set? why bother now? why not just run LFR till your ready to commit Harakiri to get gear then go do some pvp.

    Also by making everything so easy to get now you take away any sense of achievement, People expect everything now , they dont want to work for it

    they dont respect those that have played the game like myself for 6 years and know what the basic tactics are for say AV or AB or EOS.

    Your filling the game with scrubs, its hard enough now to get descent players who want to put effort into anything.

    80% of my guild has stopped playing wow, they have all gone to LOL because there fed up with the WOW bullshit the whiny scrubs that play

    and as far as i can see your bending over backwards to accommodate them . You will lose a lot more people, And I really dont understand why

    your constant tinkering with PVP, one last point ,

    now that PVE gear is viable in PVP are you going to make PVP gear viable in PVE? nah didnt think so.

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    When they manage to copy the skill- and skillshot system from Guild Wars 2 and implement dodge rolls I maybe return for another month.

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