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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaoticflame View Post
    Ummmers...I'mma put this here..

    I think that's most of them. But most recent drops were Ashes and Ony drake, and omg, I still can't believe it....After all these years.
    The chat when ashes dropped, made me laugh so hard

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    Didn't SS when I won it, but on my first run ever in MSV normal, Astral Cloud Serpent dropped from Elegon, and I won by rolling 54 against the 9 others.
    Needles to say, I was quite happy and started doing my dailies for Cloud Serpent Riding, which I didn't have untill then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vereesà View Post

    This was my 7th solo kill and 28th kill overall.
    Damn I've done ICC soooo many times I've even seen Invincible once, WON the roll the only thing I didn't know was that we where rolling for gold... (as the last one joining the grp noone told me the loot rules) and that was the worst feeling ever

    Done ICC ever since on all the chars I can, just need a new damn weapon on my DK and soloing shouldn't be a problem!!

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    This says enough :P

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    I suppose it's technically not a rare drop, but I still have yet to run across anyone else with this mount
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    Quote Originally Posted by harleybane View Post
    The chat when ashes dropped, made me laugh so hard
    Lmao, glad I amused you? I am a bit of a spazz and that stupid bird was like one of my holy grails. I was freaking out for like 5 or 10 minutes after the thing dropped. I felt kinda sorry for my friend because I was totally spamming party chat. XD

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    I've only seen Invincible drop once and that was on an Openraid run, so of course, I lost the roll... /sigh. My gear still sucks too much to start soloing, so knowing me I won't be able to start until next expac...Ugh.

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    Ok, so not really a rare mount any longer, but as a 10man casual guild back in Wrath, I was impressed we actually made it. The Lich King achievement had us stumped for a while, to say the least...

    .. oh yeah, and achievement spam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vereesà View Post

    This was my 7th solo kill and 28th kill overall.
    Is 25 man heroic actually pretty doable now? I don't have a tank, but if it is, is it doable by any tank class?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robodin View Post
    Ok, so not really a rare mount any longer, but as a 10man casual guild back in Wrath, I was impressed we actually made it. The Lich King achievement had us stumped for a while, to say the least...
    .. oh yeah, and achievement spam.
    Just try this out, it's a really awesome addon

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    Around 50 kills across all my chars.

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    I have 214 mounts and only recently started taking screenshots of the drops (so long as I don't forget in amongst the excitement xP). I started doing screen shots for while but then my system died so had to reinstall everything =(.

    Anyways here are a "few" mounts that I obtained and most proud to own whether its because the time it took or because they look pwetty ^^ <-- One mount I worked my socks off for and took me forever to get, was extremely happy when I finally got it. <-- Did about 50+ runs for this one, my face literally stayed like :O for about 5 minutes xD <-- Took me a day or two to get. Was one of the first to obtain it I believe, got all 3 other raptors shortly after! <-- Got this in one of my old guild runs when it was 100% drop. <-- I camped almost a week for this. I was about to give up and try again in a few days or weeks when it spawned right in front of me! <-- This is the only unobtainable mount I have which makes it a very special mount to me. <-- Got this when the drop rate increased dramatically. Was farming this boss ever since it was released. <-- Was extremely lucky with my shard drops. Think my most jaw dropping moment with the shards was when 3 dropped within 5 minutes! <-- Took me months to get this one and was the last world mount I needed. <-- This mount was one that took me the longest to get (apart from ashes which I still don't have). I farmed this thing for years! <-- Again took me a while to get and imo when of the best looking mounts in game. <-- Last but certainly not least, the one dragonhawk I actually like and think looks amazing!

    Sorry for all the screens! I couldn't decide which ones to pick! If anyone would like to look at the rest of my collection then here's my armory

    Forgot to mention I'm very jealous of you guys who had invincible to drop lol. Just started soloing it myself on my dk too. Invincible is the one mount I always wanted since its release so cant wait to get my hands on it!
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    All you people soloing LK, do you have a lockout somewhere or is gunship soloable?

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    Where did you get that camel?! I want this camel mount meow.

    Only mount i ever got that was rare was the dragon from Onxyia

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    Gunship is soloable yes, everything can be solo'd in there. Just clear everything on normal 10 man difficulty and bring an alt/friend to sindragosa for her kill and you have a lockout. Once she is dead, walk out the instance switch to 25 man hc and re enter. Make sure your alt/friend doesn't walk back in at this point or they lose the lock out. Once weekly reset hits, re-activate the lockout and you can rinse and repeat until you get what you want off LK. Only boss I would say might be a bit annoying/slightly challenging is blood queen since you need the right amount of burst to get her down before her bite mind controls you. Potentially Valithria too since she requires healing.

    For DKs there is a thread for soloing here

    That is the thread that eventually helped me to my first LK solo so it helps a lot!.

    @Juddo: if your talking to me its the grey riding camel that rarely spawns from Camel Figurines in uldum. Theres a few guides out there that explains all the spawn points and such.

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    from most recent to oldest, not playing wow atm and I lost a lot of my old screenshots but these are the ones I managed to salvage <2nd ashes which I boosted my buddy through like 70 times until he finally got it. < pretty much jizzed my pants on this, since I checked for aeonaxx like 10 mins before, went back to Storm peaks and thought 'wouldn't it be funny if he spawned while I was checking for TLPD?' azure drake #1 azure drake #2 azure drake #3 azure drake #4 azure drake #5 thought I was done with the azure drakes? wrong. I see a pattern here..., got this on my 4th solo kill in t11 when he was considered extremely hard to solo. felt special flying around on it until gear inflation :P

    won the ragnaros mount in a 10hc Rag pug just after DS released, won the madness mount too. couldn't find a SS and I guess these mounts aren't rare anyways.

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    I do not have screenshots since I formatted PC however, I can share this pretty funny story where I did DS with a group for 3 times each week and for each time the mount dropped from DW yet I lost the roll 3 times in a row . Oh and experiment 12-B also dropped and lost. I do have other mounts such as I got my green proto either on my 6th or 8th egg and blue proto on 5th or 6th run also but I farmed TK for 16 weeks in a row before I quit and with no luck, no ashes...

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