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    After aprox. 100 kills. Now firelands time. I take it slow and only farm 1 raid per time, across various characters. Otherwise I might burnout.

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    Its not exactly rare as in a drop or something, but finally it showed up on vendor again after I got enough coins.
    AND, this is my 350th mount, so feels even more special
    Also, wtf is up with the hand placements on some of these mounts?

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    Last weeks haul.

    Finally got around to completing the achievement:

    Paragon mount #2:

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    Too lazy to upload screenshots, but this just happened; I noticed I am missing 1 item for the Warrior T4 transmog set - the bracers from Attumen the Huntsman. So I gather up all my characters that are plate-wearers, and level 100+, which makes 8 characters. I take them all to Karazhan, and kill attumen. On my 3rd kill, I get the mount, which is super-awesome. In the course of the 8 runs, I end up with 0 bracers, and... 2 mounts.

    TL;DR: Got 2x Fiery Warhorse Reins in 8 kills, but no bracers.

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    After 482 tries, finally dropped this beauty

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    2/5 collected! 118 boxes opened across all reps.

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    74 Valarjar caches later! Only Nightfallen left now

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    I suppose the rarest mounts I've got are the firebird from H Rag (got it when it was current content) and the level 60 ZG raptor. (got that one during wrath. )

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    At 3:00 AM I thought I give it a quick scan. Worth it!

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    24 solo kills. I jokingly said before killing Garrosh, that "If Garrosh drops his mount, I'll use this mount for 7.3, 100 %".
    And well. Yeah.
    Now I must use it, else I fear RNG will hurt me.
    But yay, finally got my mechanical murder scorpion <3

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    Not really sure how I got this or the rarity, but pretty sure it was off a rare spawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dockers View Post
    Not really sure how I got this or the rarity, but pretty sure it was off a rare spawn.

    Can't see the image

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    Got this last week from Mistress LFR.

    And finally got the Dreamweaver unicorn after who knows after how many paragon boxes doing everything world quest every single day since their implementation / mailing BoA tokens. 3/5 now. Azsuna Hippogryph and HM Moose left!
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    After 67 attempts i got the Onyxia mount. It was more like a bonus because i was aiming to get Quelserrar for transmog but i still don't have it after 82 attempts

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    got this off houndmaster, approx 10 kills since yesterday over multiple characters, also got the 2k demon mount but plenty of those about so won't bother with a screenshot of that.

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    Anyone have some thorough information on the cat eggs?

    We had a little discussion in guild, but didnt seem to find a good enough answer. (12 hour interval on which one of them is up?)

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    Managed to grab myself Vile Fiend from Houndmaster, very pleased as really like the model Took around maybe.. 16 kills? Between characters.
    Now to hope that the Fel-Spotted eggs will drop atleast one mount (got 9 eggs at the time of writing)

    Edit: Some amazing beautiful person gave me Crimson Slavermaw when it dropped and he/she already had it :O <3 that person, seriously
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