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    See I knew it! I also got the Terrified Pack Muel off the AH and thanks to the Nazjatar hotfix I finally got the 150 tokens for the Seahorse mount.

    Sitting pretty at 583 mounts ingame journal now
    Gz. What was the Nazjatar hotfix? I could use some more tokens for other non-mount things

    Edit: Ok nvm, found it. If anyone else's interested - Nazjatar elites now drop the tokens when in warmode. Good stuff

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    ...funny thing, over 90% of mounts drop for me between 1pm and 2pm...ha ha


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    Granted, I'd been checking very irregularly but finally got the Frightened Kodo after creating a trial character on a low pop german realm. (although most of my characters are on a low pop English realm anyway). Not looking gift kodos in the mouth though.
    I need to do this. Good advice.

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    Midnight! Low number of tries on this. All the luck I don't have on Rustfeather (passed 280 today) is going to better mounts, I guess.

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    Got motivated after seeing this drop in this thread recently and decided to go hard after it. It turned out I just needed to turn on DBM-TOS module to give me timer on the meteor and I was able to farm this on 17 characters. Still reached a pretty high attempt count, with about 310 attempts done in Legion through legit lfr, and the rest done solo in BfA through the lfr queue. 419 clear in total of "The Gates of Hell" a.k.a. the first wing of ToS lfr. Feeling pretty good right now.

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    Got lucky with the Drake of the Four Winds and Malevolent Drone, had 3 tries on Ishak, about 25 on Corpse Eater.
    Now I'm considering whether I'll be parking at Rotfeaster with my characters, or focus solely on Vale mounts until I get those...

    459 according to the Statistics/Character/Gear counter. Got SO many mounts that I haven't felt like going after, but gonna buckle down and pursue them, wanna breach 500 in time for another achievement.
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    btw, how do you post the image directly and not as a link?
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    Got the Frightened Kodo.

    #478 total
    #432 unique

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    First mount with the 2 new factions. Haven't come around to farm mounts and rep in these areas until now. I don't know, guess I was just feed up with rep grinding for a while.

    Does anyone else find it ironic that, as your virtual character gains experience, wealth and social stature, your reality character is losing the exact same things at the same rate?

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    Got the Frightened Kodo on a trial goblin on some oceanic realm in warmode. (idk why I always go with a goblin for trial farmers!)

    482 unique.

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    Dont have a screenshot but got reins of the heavenly cloud serpent back when you needed a full group to down sha

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    Got this fellow today, not too sure how many kills since WoD, 300+ I'd imagine.
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    2 more new mounts this week, 3 in total including Abyss Worm Total is at 514 usable on one character now.

    Finally got Wild Dreamrunner in my 60th Dreamweavers paragon cache. This is after the rep buff, but thankfully still in the world quest weekly event, which made it a bit less painful. If I didn't get it now, I would have probably take a long break before getting back to this grind because of the slow rep gains. Very elated to have the complete paragon collection from Legion now.

    This one I long regretted not doing in the 8.0 prepatch (at least the part that was doable back then in the Darkshore event). Because it used to be really easy to loot bounties from what I remember. I am the kind of person that needs to be in the mood for PvP, and that end-of-expansion time is usually when that happens. Wrapping up some pvp achievements and also got this one in the process.

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    This counts as rare right?

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    Ran Tempest Keep for tmog, left with a lot more than that.

    - - - Updated - - -

    When it rains, it pours. First Blackhand attempt. Today is my day it seems.

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