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    I think so far Maldraxxus and Ardenweald have Paragon mounts, the others are toys and pets. I really need to level up my other toons and get my rogue into Necrolords. I am not looking forward to this...
    Yeah just 2 reps have mounts in paragon chests, and the drop rate seems to be much higher than in Legion at least, so they dialed back significantly on that. If an average player can expect the mount in 1-3 chests I think that's fine.

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    A few days ago something amazing happened. I haven't farmed WB mounts since SL release (or any mounts for that matter), but decided it's time to go back to it. So I went for my usual routine on my main first: Sha, then Galleon. I was busy complaining in guild chat about trying to pug a m+ to get my own key back on my alt but the pug being uhm... underwhelming when I've heard the achievement sound go off. I was like "another looted X amount of gold achiev, yay", when I actually looked at my screen and couldn't believe it: Son of Galleon dropped! On my main, the first time I killed him since SL release! So happy!

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