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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadow View Post
    I can finally rest......my job here is done

    Congrats! This one really is an achievement. Well deserved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sensei View Post
    Gratz! Got mine last night after 4.5 hours of fishing and gathering the mats for the lure. Unfortunately it is currently very buggy so can't use it in Zereth Mortis or Oribos until it is fixed.

    YEah hope they fix that, i took approx 600 casts to get it. Grats on the mount !

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    Managed to get the second Gearclider from Tazavesh Gambit+12!

    Key wasn't timed but atleast I won't have to farm it on lower difficulties anymore whoop whoop!

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    Real reward was the relief of not having to farm for it anymore

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    i was about to not loot it but i was like meh just open the chest ! :P

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    FINALLY!, finally got the Bloodhoof Bull from Nakk. Been searching for years (since WoD) for this elusive beast, and its finally part of my stables. Of all the other rares that drop mounts in WoD, Nakk was the worst!

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    Been farming Underrot since the start of Shadowlands and this happened earlier today.

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    Didn't take a screenshot as I was panicking someone would steal the kill but I logged into my druid in Deepholme on the off chance and boom Aoenaxx right there!

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    Closer to 400 attempts. Caught me by surprise.
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    Someone asked for help in Nighthold Mythic...a level 51.
    I was bored so i helped.

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    that would take me a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everett View Post

    Closer to 400 attempts. Caught me by surprise.
    Grats this is one of my personal favs. Its so gross but so unique!

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    Almost decided to just keep flying...

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    Did the fix the drop rate for Legion paragon mounts ? I spent all my timewarped badges getting 4 boxes and didnt get a single mount ! I was under the impression there was badluck protection now and almost a guarantee after a certain amount. ( i have 20 tries on each )

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    Came back from a break yesterday and got the mission table pup after about 3 or 4 failed missions to get it.

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