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    I was flying around for Voidtalon but found this instead, nice bonus!

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    Got pretty lucky with this one - 382 attempt seems lucky based on forum posts

    wolf359#2766 Armoury

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    Nearly 10 years I searched for this thing, countless corpses and stupid blue dragons, I'm honestly not sure what to do with myself now, it was the pinnacle for me of mount collecting D:

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    Congrats, that really was a lot of Time-Lost.

    What will you do now to catch up? Aeonaxx?

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    now, only last 2 from aotl...6/8 paragon mounts...449 overall!!!...

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    Oh gosh the Abyss worm dropped for me https://imgur.com/Vk6oggP

    I have around 100-200 total attempts (46 on this account) and I couldn't be happier. I hate farming LFR, the biggest timesink ever. Still have to pug Antorus until BFA before farming it as legacy.

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    Got the Crimson Slavermaw after roughly 100 attempts.

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    I just finished my collection of mushan mounts by getting the last Blood Coins for the Ashhide Mushan. Bought them for dirt cheap from a nice guy in trade, couldn't be arsed farming the 250 coins I still needed since the end of MoP.

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    Hmm, do I spend 48k on the 6 Argaussian Reach mounts? I'm shite at making gold, and only have 51k... Scratch that, thought sod it, and bought them. 246 mounts now, Huzzah!
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