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    Got my first Darkshore mount (:

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    Very lucky today, got these 2! The blue proto-drake after 536 attempts and the Grand Black War Mammoth after 181 attempts! Very happy that I never have to revisit Utgarde pinnacle

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    484 and what a shitty grind its been to get the parts!

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    So far, I have gotten lucky.

    Last week: Mount 400

    Tuesday's Server reset on my Alliance toon. Mount 402. ( Fel Anzu is 401) Dude in the Lightforge was 3 seconds behind me. Also, I got the Kodo on the beach. Does he normaly spawn there, because last reset (I think, or may have been a previous reset) the Kodo spawned on the beach.

    I know this isn't rare, but this is mount 403

    Got number 404 and 405 on my birthday today!
    on my DK:

    405 on my Lock

    So far been doing nothing but normal and heroic Islands and I am getting sick of the pets and the few plundered weapons I get. The giggling flameskin and its air brother can die in a fire. Also sick of getting Mogu and Pirate invasions with no mount drops. Had 4 Mogu invasions back to back doing islands and nothing.
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