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    The first guild I was in back in early BC broke up after BT was released, then my favorite guild of all time broke up when Wrath Launched. Now my current guild is breaking up due to poor management and not enough people. (BTW I consider a guild breaking up when they stop raiding, as that is the only reason I play this game.)

    My current guild, has been around since early Vanilla, is at 300 members, and about 25 active players. Our raid leader is a decent guy, and great wow player. But his refusal to talk to other raid members and forcing people do play specs and roles they didnt want to lead to half the guild leaving to make their own guild. I have been in this guild since the beginning of wrath, where we did great but in the end he caused us to lose half the guild several times. He also keeps trying guild mergers, and guess what this never has and never will work out. each and every time we do well for a short time with the new players then all of the sudden bam it all goes south.
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    We were progressing through 10 heroic firelands at an even pace. Heroic: Shannox after week 3. Spent many hours wiping on normal: Rag before that. We got heroic shannox after a few attempts and made our way to heroic rhyolith. the fight was much more challenging than we expected.

    After that raid, the raid leader and his boyfriend turned around and said "we can't take it anymore, leading is too stressful." They took 300,000g out of the bank, gave 50k to each of their two officers, then left.
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    Well, you had to ask!

    My first guild in vanilla was "Light of avalon", a small guild with little RP. I joined at 20sh and stayed until 60.

    The people were nice, but there were no endgame ambitions.
    So I joined another guild, "Eternal Flames", and "raided" with them Strat, Scholo, UBRS. I was very impressed by their discipline and their mmo knowledge (most if them played EQ2 for years already). So I left my first guild (not without posting a several paragraph long goodbye post), and joined the next.
    We were pretty successfull raiding during vanilla (mc, bwl, aq(s) and nax 40 until loatheb).
    When it got public that there will be only 25 man raids in BC, the guild started to break up. One part of the guild stayed, and another part founded the guild "EoI". I choosed to stay in EF, but it was a hard decission, because I had friends in both guilds.

    So BC hit, and again we were pretty successful (ML, TE, SSC, Hyjal clear), but started to lose more and more people, and had to re-attune many people to be able to enter BT, which was not very popular amongst the key raiders who rather would do progress raids instead of re-equip or attunement raids. Many key members left, and we merged with another guild. But the new people were not so ambitious (and skilled), and we never managed to down Illidan. One night we wiped endlessly on Archimonde, and this is when I and many others left the guild.

    I joined a new guild, a top 100 guild, who were wiping on Muru in SWP when I joined. But pretty much the same as in my old guild happened: Many key people left, and their replacement was rather meh. So one day in a equipraid for the new players, we wiped several times on Illidan. The guild leader (actually a funny guy) started to laugh histerically and kicked one after the other out of the guild, until only he was left.

    WotLk was close by, and I had no ambition (as a mage!) to find another guild that tried to clear SWP before nerfs and 3.0. So I found out many of my old friends from "Eternal Flames" returned, and I joined them again.
    During the first tier of wotlk, we did quite fine. We were able to raid naxx 25, although we didn't even have enough people to fill the raid, but the 3.0 raids were so undertuned it didn't matter.
    But this changed with Ulduar. We formed an alliance with another guild, and everyone brought about half the players. But this was not fun, and caused only trouble. The officers from one guild didn't like the others, and vice versa. We were merely successful, but in the end it didn't pay out and again many people left the guild.

    But I was lucky, because the guild that split up from my first raiding guild, "Eoi", was very successful and many of my friends there returned, so I joined them. This was the last time I left a guild.
    We were able to kill heroic LK 25 with "EoI" before 4.0 hit, and for cata we formed a 10 player raid group with some of the best remaining players of the raid. Again we did very good progress (again top 100 on some bosses). When our main tank had to take a break, we also stopped raiding, and some even stopped playing. But with DS, almost all returned, and again we could do very good progress.
    But with the long months of DS people got bored, and many left WoW (and some didn't return until now), I also took a 6 months break.

    With Mop I returned, but I am not so much in raiding anymore. And again I was lucky, because the people from my first raiding guild "Eternal Flames" returned, and needed a healer for their casual 10 player raid. I agreed and leveled a monk in the guild, and I am having quite some fun.

    So after all these years I returned to my first raiding guild, which I had left three times.

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    only guild I was in that fell apart was my own and it was because of 40 man raids, we struggled to get 40 people regularly, we were a fair size guild at the time, but in the end we only had about 43 people wanting to raid so it was hit and miss as there is always a few in that number who can't make it, so we often had to call off raids, so it ended up it was better for everyone just to split and move into other guilds to make sure we could always get a raid.

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    End of expac time have killed 2 different guilds for me. My current one managed to survive (even if barely) Dragon Soul though, so I'm feeling optimistic we can take anything at this point!

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    Guild #1 - After weeks of building to an in-game guild get together only 4 people showed up. Our Top DPS left which caused the GM to leave and his dad didn't want the job so it was given to a 15 year old who litteraly did nothing so people start leaving over a month's time. With about 10 people left in the guild he kicked everyone and the guild was done.

    Guild #2 - I wasn't around for it but they ran into some raiding issues and the guild disbanded.

    Guild #3 - Just before WOTLK was released the guild stopped raiding which caused people to leave with the GM's blessing. I met a former guildie who told me that in reality they quit because the GM and his wife were using the guild bank to fund their alts. I wanted to raid so I quit but I told them why people were leaving. Yep he blew up at me as if I was the one accusing him. The guild was dead after all that. I think they tried to make a go of it after the expansion was released but they didn't get very far.

    Guild #4 - The former guildie from Guild #3 invited me into his new guild promising me they do a lot of PVE content. One day in guild chat though the GM and his top officer started talking about how they were going to make the guild the top PVP guild on the server. I left when nobody was on and the next time I logged in several people had left the guild including the top officer. All because I left.

    Guild #5 - One of my favorites because I left a couple months before it officially died as I knew it was heading towards a car wreck. Sure enough I get a tell from one of the girls in the guild saying most of the officers had enough of the GM and his girlfriend and were leaving the server including the GM's best friend in real life. They were going to transfer over without telling the GM but the best friend decided he owed the GM an explanation and the guild pretty much blew up right there. As all the drama was going on the people who were transferring were on my new guilds vent. Needless to say it was a surreal experience. The GM and his girl transferred to another server as well and the guild was dead. I reached out to him to say good luck but once again he bit my head off. The best part was a month later the best friend told them he was lied to and joined the GM on his new server.

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    The only time I have been in a guild that exploded was back in Vanilla..

    We were running MC for the Sulfurion Ingots and BWL for the Elementium Ore. There was an explosion within the officer chat, and one of the officers cleared out the guild bank of all the Ingots and Ore and left the guild. Everyone in the guild was in a rage, rumors broke out and I literally watched 70+ people leave the guild, one after the other.

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    Well ive only been raiding since the start of MoP but there has already been three of my guilds that have broken up.

    #1 We were an completly new guild that just started as soon as MSV opened and after only beign able to kill four bosses on four weeks our GM said that we will take an week break since we lost an healer, and instead of finding an new healer he applied for another guild and did an trial raid and after he got accepted he kicked evry one in the guild and then sold it on the trade channel. The fun thing here was that he did this behind three of his best friends back, so they had no idea about this either.

    #2 We got stuck on Garalon because of the enrage timer (somewhere around 15% hp left) and peoples started leaving after only two days of whipe.

    #3 Then me and some from the previous guild decided to join another guild that was almost on the same progress as we were and we took an break two week break from christmas to new year, and then we suddenly only where 3 ppls online for our first raid that year.

    And now im in the best guild so far so evrything ended up OK.

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    What happend is that they broke up. lol

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    Yeah an "everyone can have a chance at raiding" successful guild booted a handful of players due to "some complaints" then moved off server ditching most players for a realm with "better talent".

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    The switch from 40 raiding in Vanilla to Kara in BC sort of broke up our big "casual raiding" guild. It was a lot easier to carry people in huge raids but when trying to even do heroic dungeon attunements for BC raiding - it was next to impossible w/ super-bad players.

    A schism developed between the good players & bad players - they resented us for not wanting to group w/ them & the GM didn't like that we wouldn't play nice w/ ALL guildies. (yes, we tried helping them to play better, they didn't want to listen) Most of the better players were ready to raid before the rest of the guild & we planned a non-guild sanctioned raid, which didn't go over well.

    Eventually a group of 10-15 of us left to form a new guild where we weren't afraid to ask if anyone wanted to do a dungeon in g chat - we also didn't have loot rules & everything was basically need/greed. WoW bliss for the first few months!

    Our size was fine for 10 man raids but wanting to do 25 mans we were short. We eventually had 2x 10 man raid teams, but you can only see the same content over & over for so long before getting bored. We tried recruiting & teaming up w/ other guilds - it was just really draining.

    I took a break end of BC/WotLK & only played super-casually. Most of the people that wanted to raid went to another guild that we teamed up w/ quite a bit. I stayed in the guild (filled mostly w/ alts of friends or people that stopped playing) until I came back during mid-Cata & went back to another "casual raiding" guild, lol. Tbh, the skill level is higher here & people generally seem willing to listen to advice. This is the perfect fit right now though b/c I don't have a ton of time to devote to raiding.

    TLDR - find a guild that has similar a mindset/goal as you. It's a lot easier to join an established guild than form a new one, even though it might seem like a great idea - recruiting, leading, scheduling, etc isn't easy :P

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    My first guild in Wotlk broke up after 3.1 came out simply because everyone facerolled naxx 25 but ulduar 25 was hardcore
    Luckily some officers and few members including me reformed a new guild and it was cool raided till icc normal modes. Then I left because I wanted heroic progression and I found the best guild ever I will forever remember them

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    Not in WoW, but back in Everquest, I've had guild mates just stop playing, or the regulars like the leader and officers, wouldn't really say broken up, but died out.

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    Everyone was fed up with dragonsoul and at the same time Diablo 3 was released. So the guild died and several people quit.
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    My guild broke up inn vanilla due to various off reasons. I took it pretty bad, having loved the guild, and most off the members.

    Basicly, internal conflitics within the guild management. Anything from IRL things (I think) to general guild problems, such as progress, and how X part off guild wasen't as happy as before. Being Denmark only, also didn't help on recruit, when my server was slowly dying out inn early TBC. We all gathered inn the middel off Shattrath, thoes who haven't left yet, held a quick seromony, with many people just coming by and going "wtf?, and how sad etc". Afterwards guild bank was empited fairly among people who stayed. I was given a few things, proboaly no more than 500g inn total.

    Afterwards some off its members moved to Runetotem to either continue raiding, or go 100% casual. Never really keept up with them. The guild was run by a couple inn there 30's I think. It was..............................................epic guild all the way. Especially a few members, was very great. It was that sort off guild I'll never get again, in any MMO. And I haven't since either inn wow, even trough I had my fair share off guilds. Would pay money to teleport back inn time just to raid, say a reset BWL run with them. Just something fun and sweat - Our naxx and AQ40 progress was good to, but it never was very good.

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    Yeah, my first ever raiding guild back during BC. We had raided all content that expansion and then WotLK hit. We lost some people as is obvious with expansions and we lost some during leveling. We began raiding the revamped raid Naxxramas and lost a few more when we hit that brutal wall on Patchwerk. Everybody was fed up, annoyed, and the decision was made in haste. Just like that, probly 12-13 of our 25-man roster had left the guild. Stuck around for a while because I was good friends with the GM. I eventually moved on to other guilds but I always wonder if we stuck together if we could've turned into one of these top guilds, ya know?
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    Quote Originally Posted by phenox View Post
    Has a guild you were in ever broken up? If it has then tell us what happend!
    I have. Fairly small friends guild that broke up due to arguments and some officers + GM quitting for RL reasons(gm was having a baby and the others were work related). We held out for a few months afterwards but then everything went to shit and people just stopped showing up to raids and whatnot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erenax View Post
    Elegon blew up my last guild.
    I'm trying to think of what raid and boss it was with my guild (I wasn't raiding at the time), but they just called it quits for that tier. The officers let the guild take a break from raiding. People went to roll alts, do more dailies, some just took a short break from WoW, and so on. Once the next tier came out, they went back to finish it.

    Come to think of it, a fair number of guilds on my old server used to do the same thing during Vanilla. Get stuck on say, Chromaggus. Rather than beat their heads against the wall, they just did a few bosses in AQ40, and later whatever was easy in Naxx, gear up a bit, then go back.

    edit OT: My guild basically peeled apart due to people growing up and moving on. My guild started with about 20 to 30 IRL friends playing the game. Most of us were still in university when the game came out and living here and there, so it was our way of hanging out. Career and families basically took priority.
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    I've been fortunate enough to play with the same 'core' of players (5-8 people) since Vanilla - through several different guilds which we've 'managed'.

    We raided as a 25m capacity throughout Cataclysm to a pretty decent standard for a 2-raids/week guild. A lot of players quit after DS.

    Mid T14, we came to a realisation that we couldn't continue to run a successful 25m capacity; as such we downsized to 10, rebranded, and we are having a blast.
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    We had some guild drama but that was because our raidforce in Classic and half of TBC was made up from 4 guilds.

    To make organizing raids easier, we suggested to pool all the raiders in one guild - meaning they'd have to leave their guilds. Drama ensued, but it worked out in the end. Lost a few raiders, won others.

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