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    The LK, both normal and heroic, slew three of my guilds in WoTLK. The first guild couldn't kill him on normal, which lead to not being able to even down the first wing. The second guild got to him early on, around the 5% buff, but had a pattern of wiping in p1, then wiping 2% before the RP event. The third guild took awhile to get to him, but even with the 30% buff, couldn't even get past the first transition. All of them decided they'd sooner just disband then go 10 man. My guild in TBC was destroyed by, inc surprise, M'uru. Another of my guilds died in Ulduar to who would get Valanyr first. An officer swapped to healer because we needed them, and was angry he wasn't picked to get the first one over a healer we had since we started raiding.

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    I've been playing since vanilla and have always stayed with my guilds until they've disbanded (or otherwise just died down to nothing). I've also been playing on the same server with the same main character the entire time.

    Guild #1: I was in from the time I started playing until about level 40 on my main, when it broke up. Not sure what it was about, but I believe it boiled down to a pissing contest between the GM and his second in command that caused a huge split in the guild (half the core raiders took one side and the other half took the other side) and ultimately killed it.

    Guild #2: One of the good raiding guilds on my server had a second "alt guild" for their alts, and I made friends with a couple of them, so I got in that. I was in that until a little after hitting 60. There wasn't much to do in an alt guild though, and their "main" guild was a bit too hardcore for me when it came to raiding (you couldn't even get in as a member unless you were geared and all gung-ho about doing AQ40), so I moved on elsewhere.

    Guilds #3, 4, 5 were basically the same group of people, and those guilds all ended up merging into each other. That ended in about early BC, when we ended up becoming a "stepping stone" guild where people would run heroics / Karazhan with us to get geared before moving on, and most of the constant members were tired of that, so we ended up merging with yet another guild that was capable of raiding.

    Guild #6: I stayed with that guild from early BC all the way to the end of Cata and actively raided with them that whole time. End of Cata, that guild decided to server/faction transfer, and it didn't work out, so they kinda died. I still have a couple of toons in the guild, but they've had something like 5 people online within the last week, so it's not very alive anymore. The fact that so many of us were getting bored with Dragon Soul combined with the fact that our server was dying (which led to discussions about transferring) I think is what killed that guild.

    I am now in a friend's guild with a "social" kind of status and just hang out there / occasionally serve as a backup if they're short a raid DPS. I actively raided the entire time I was in guild #6. Only just recently reactivated my account after a 6-month break at the end of Cataclysm and am not sure I want to get back into active raiding on a schedule.
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    Twice. The first tme was back in BC. The GM ninja transfered off the realm after earning a bad reputation. The second time was in Cata. I put my 'hide alt' in a casual guild that was inviting any and everyone for the cash flow perk. When they got enough money, they hired the alts of the top guild on the realm to clear tier 11 for them and open up the dark phoenix mount. The minute that was done, The GM kicked everyone from the guild (over 900 toons), renamed it, and started a 10m guild that went no where.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vitalic View Post
    Sure, was in a TBC guild that was half social players and half people who really wanted to make progress in the raid content. The GM was one of the sucky players. Ambitious guys got a Kara run together one night, used the guild Vent server. GM logs on, sees people in Kara, and has a fit. Shuts down the vent server. A few weeks later, the good players /gquit, leave the socials behind, and start a new guild.
    LOL, that's exactly what happened! A little more awkward for me b/c I knew the GM & his gf IRL... I've heard she's still mad at me after all these years & thinks I broke up the guild

    But I know you :P You should come back - I've actually been able to play casually & still have fun Well, maybe I'm still a little obsessed since I check forums like these while at work...

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    Stormrage has a bunch of guilds that disband all the time, and another forms all the time. Unfortunately I was a part of a lot of those groups that disbanded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phenox View Post
    Has a guild you were in ever broken up? If it has then tell us what happend!
    I tend to have terrible luck with guilds. Most of the ones I have joined have fallen apart in pretty much every conceivable way including the stereotypical GM's psycho girlfriend blowing up the guild with her drama.

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    Back during WotLK the guild I was in was slowly progressing through ICC. Our GM and raidleader had taken a break for the game so we were stuck with the officers running the show.

    Well our maintank and raidleader at the time didn't show up for a 10man raid they scheduled on a weekend. One of our officers was really upset over it and chewed the guy out in front of everyone during our next 25man raid. Our maintank said he wasn't going to deal with this bullshit and logged for the night. Our officer then decided to kick him from the guild, which lead to his two friends gquiting as well. That ended up with them calling the raid for the night. A lot of the other raiders including myself couldn't get the reasoning for chewing him out during the middle of a raid in front of everyone over some sideshow 10man raid.

    Fast forward to our next raid day. We're on 25man putricide and our officers have been attempting to lead the raid. Almost no one in our raid group outside of a few of the good raiders and our officers decided to read up on the fight mechanics and stats. None of officers are trying to explain the fight, so we now have one of our dps explaining it to everyone. The raid kept wiping because our officers weren't good at leading and lots of people in our guild are slow at learning new fights.

    Anyways after the raid I posted up a thread on our guild website calling out most of our officers on the bullshit they caused and I gquit as well. After a few responses from guild members and officers. The officer that kicked our former maintank made a poll post asking if the guild wanted him to step down. Well I went into that thread giving my opinion as well. After both of these threads a few of my friends and other random people in the guild had quit as well. After a week or so the only ones left were the officers and the gms toons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    Story time!

    Early in Burning Crusade, me and the girl I was leveling with co-founded a leveling guild, called the Legion of Rubber Duckies (don't ask, there's a story there too, but not one worth telling.) As some of you might recall, the community in general was much more polite and less elitist back then, so our guild was a lot more fun than any I've seen the last few years. Our structure was that she was the diplomatic Guild Leader who recruited, helped people with tough quests, and organized guild dungeon runs. I was the co-leader, formally called the Guild Bouncer. I handled kicking people who were annoying from the guild, keeping guild drama in check, and organizing PvP activities, especially world PvP when one of our members was ganked. We didn't have any requirements or anything, except that if you were a prick or a leech, I'd kick you. As said, this was back when people were friendly, so our good cop/bad cop format was actually quite popular among our members, and we became the largest non-end game guild on the server with several hundred members.

    At some point long down the road, another guild leader made contact with us, wanting to merge. We, being ignorant, said that we'd take them in, as long as it was understood that we're still the guild leaders, and they're joining ours, and their leaders would simply become officers. They accepted that, somewhat bitterly, but it still didn't work out. There was a lot of drama and conflict of interests, particularly among officers from their guild and officers from ours before the merger. It was quite annoying.

    My co-leader felt overwhelmed by it, and she got to where she was stressing herself out trying to manage it and please everyone as best as possible. At one point she said she was so stressed that she wished she didn't have to mess with it anymore. So, I stepped up my bouncer game after she went offline, and booted every single person from the guild one by one, laughing in chat while I did it, and then disbanded it after it was over. When she found out, she laughed and thanked me, and everyone went their own way and there were no hard feelings, at least among those whose opinion I cared about. The people we made friends with in the guild remained our friends afterward, so it's all good.

    Some time later we reformed the Legion of Rubber Duckies, with just me in charge this time (she didn't want the responsibility again; can't say I blamed her) and this time it was meant to be a friendly PvP guild and, to some degree, a leveling guild even though we were maxed. But this time, it didn't work out as well. The people leveling wanted us to do everything for them, and many of the people at max wanted to start raiding. I could tell nothing was going to come of it, so a few months later I disbanded again, without the theatrics this time. There were few complaints.

    Thus ended the reign of the Legion of Rubber Duckies!
    Isn't it a little hypocritical to complain about people not being nice in Wow anymore and then laugh about destroying a guild many of your members seemingly enjoyed being in simply because your friend didn't want to deal with it? There were about a hundred much better solutions that wouldn't have involved treating your members like garbage.

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    My original guild, started back in Vanilla, lasted well into BC. I was out on deployment in the Navy, so I was sort of out of the loop as to what was going on in the guild. Our GM would email me occasionally to let me know they downed X boss, cleared X instance, X people left, X people gained, etc. These emails kinda petered out toward the end of the deployment, and by the time I got home it had been about 2 months since I'd heard anything.

    Turns out the GM decided to bail and join another guild. See, we were part of this thing called the Small Guild Alliance, which was a pool of smaller guilds that could join up for raids and such. The problem was we had a few guilds that were well over the 'small guild' part of the requirement, and decided that since they were farther along in progression, bigger, and definitely more elitist than the rest of us, they were 'in charge' of this little getup. On top of that, they were poaching players from other guilds. Our GM and several of our officers happened to be part of the poaching, and the guild almost lost it.

    I got back from deployment, talked the current GM into giving me GM status, and I tried my best to pick up the pieces. I removed us from the SGA in an attempt to cut off the corruption, and we began recruiting again. I think we managed to last until BT release, but I got sent back out on deployment. When I came back, the guild was dead, most of them now in one of the poaching guilds. I tried to restart it again, but it was near the end of the expansion and everybody was in downtime mode. I eventually removed all of my chars and joined a friend's guild (which eventually fell apart due to in-guild drama), and thought the old guild lost.

    However, my sister gave me her WoW account during early Cata since she didn't play anymore, and after logging into all of her chars to take stock, I found out one of them was still in that guild! I made one of my chars GM, and tried to rebuild it...several people who used to be in the guild had alts now, and remembered the guild. I managed to build it back up to about 20 members or so, but people started quitting WoW, hiatus until MoP hit, and that in turned caused people to drop the guild and join others. So I still have the guild, one of the oldest on our server, but I neither have the motivation to get it going again nor am I currently playing WoW.

    I've been in two other guilds, one mentioned earlier, but both of the other guilds eventually fell apart due to drama. In one, the GM and one of the class leads were married, and said class lead ALWAYS got first pick of loot. People got fed up with it and left. In my other guild, we had a female in the guild who would play the 'I'm a girl' card whenever she could, and took advantage of all the single guys. By the time we finally got the GM to boot her (He too had been smitten) she'd run off with thousands of gold and mats from the guild bank as well as many of the players. I got enough of us together to try a hostile takeover of the guild, and while it succeeded, the damage had been done and nobody wanted to stay in a 'tainted' guild anymore. Said guild is now one of my personal bank stashes :-P
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    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .

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    Yes, pretty much the only guild I've ever felt a part of.

    Back in WotLK when Ulduar first came out I was in a pretty casual guild that was led by a lady who happened to be pregnant. I was playing a prot warrior at the time and I was interested in raiding, but their Ulduar team was full of friends and family, so they stuck me with their joke Naxx group. I had fun, helping their joke group get a few achievements, but I knew something was wrong, 15 minute bio-breaks after every boss surely wasnt the norm, and surely a raid from the last teir shouldnt take four hours.

    Suddenly I was contacted by a player I had never played with or heard of before. Apparently the guild I was in was trying out Ulduar 25 by teaming up with another guild, unbeknownst to me despite me asking numerous times if I could attend Ulduar with them. He told me his guild was looking for a tank to replace their prot warrior who had to quit due to real life complications, and asked me if I was interested. After chatting in vent for a while and a few trial heroics I was in like sin.

    Fast forward a month or two and ToC comes out, so we start doing that. To make a long story a little shorter, we start recruiting more players, running two 10s and a 25. Obviously some bads make their way in. ToC is going fine, and then ICC comes out. ICC is going fine, and then 10 man and 25 man start sharing lockouts. Rather than just run 25 man now, the guild decides to run two 10s, swaping people in and out and between the groups every week. This, this was the guilds downfall. People just would NOT learn how to play, much less how to do a fight properly. And so after about a month of kicking bads back and fourth, I personally got sick of it and quit. A few weeks later the guild disbanded. A few more weeks later the buffs came out.

    Ill miss you for forever, Lobotomobile. :'(

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    I was in a guild from late 4.3 to late 5.0. The guild wasn't progressing as fast as I believed it could, we had problems recruiting, but despite that we tried to stick it out.. It eventually collapsed in mid january when I left because I got an offer from a 5/16h guild (Was 9/16n at the time). The officers either quit or went casual, no idea about the rest.

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    My first raiding guild, which I had joined since I was level 50 something (I think in Aug 2005), exploded sometime before Black Temple was released. The core 20-25 people were quite a close knit group and we raided all the way to Naxxaramas (up to 4 horsemen). The last 15 spots usually fluctuated with people leaving and new ones joining. Then BC came along and lowered the raid size to 25. Our core 25 group was happy with this reduction in raid size; however, Karazhan, which was harshly over-tuned at launch, caused major problems in our guild. The tensions among our guild members started rising as the Guild Leader wanted the best 10 raiders in his Karazhan group. Anyways, we survived this situation and were able to down Gruul. Our guild hit a MAJOR cockblock on Magtheridon and we wiped on him for God knows how long. Then one day, our guild leader all of a sudden made me gleader, Gquit and joined the No.1 guild on our server. I passed the gleadership to some, who then passed it to someone else and so on. I believe around 16 new gleaders were made in under 5 mins. The last guy who became Gleader said "Oh Noes" and then disbanded the guild. Over 2 years of history gone up in flame. Although my friends list is still full of these people, none of them are ever online now.

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    I (sort of) regret to say that I've been a part of a few "mutinies" that have resulted in some guilds disbanding or breaking up while I and a small like-minded group split off and formed our own guild. I've never had the experience of being in a guild that fell apart around me, however.

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    3 because of free server transfers. Each time some wanted to stay some wanted to go.

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    We were doing Ulduar and at the time I was playing a Balance Druid, we had another Balance in the guild who was a girl and she was apparently eflirting with the raid leader. I was a better dps than her and when the guild was doing progression the raid leader put her in the raid instead of me, my mates in the guild went wild and so did some of the officers because of what the reason was. The raid leader hated this and kicked the leader of protests (an officer) which lead onto a few others leaving and then the majority of the core leaving, the guild then fell apart. Funny thing is that when I wasn't picked for the raid I went afk, when I came back half of the guild was gone haha.

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    I have been part of 3 raid team collapses since I started raiding in WotLK. Wasn't really anything major happening, just disconsent from the Officer ranks and the GM until finally the Officers went to form their own guild or something, causing half the guild to go with them.

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    Several, actually.. it's mostly been personalities clashing and hashing it out over raid times never actually came to an agreement.
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    My first guild broke apart because of ToEP drama, apparently it was given to the 'wrong' person and a huge chunk of players from the same country (gotta love those language cliques in big guilds) made an issue of it and eventually left, guild disbanded few days later due to not being able to raid.

    My second guild made it all the way to Wrath before falling apart due to burnout from the multiple ToGC clears everyweek, after the core quit they called it a day and everyone else moved on.

    Then the South African (I'm not from SA so that was an experience) guild I joined after that disbanded because of Rag10m normal.

    Had another guild (25m) also disband in Firelands simply due to lack of signups.

    Then my guild in T14 disbanded due to losing 1 healer, I guess that's the danger of running a 10man guild with 10 player roster on a dead server.
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    My real life friends had an argument with a guildleader back in Wrath. So I followed them to a new guild where we didn't really do anything. Eventually the small guild 20 individual players got bored and quit or jumped servers. My real life friends quite then resubbed on a different server. I just went back to the original guild, because my real life friends and I had different in game goals so we didn't actually play much together, but chatted over vent.

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    In vanilla a couple of times - some people are super selfish and when there's a ton of guilds available, if they get an offer to go join a guild that's further progressed they'll jump right on it. Also the standard kids-with-power syndrome happened a couple of times. Similar to the old BBS days or if any of you remember the xrealm PVP Ventrilo operations and the attitude of some of the 'leaders' there. That kind of thing.

    At the very end of Cata, my guild leader in what at the time was my main's guild decided two hours before the midnight MOP release that he didn't want to raid anymore. Killed the guild. In fact the entire server is dead alliance side, and finally...

    Just last night my horde guild (new main) just transferred off of that dead PVP server to a high pop/full PVE server. I can't wait (no sarcasm) to be faced with a wait/queue/timer to be able to log in when I get home tonight. So the guild didn't technically break up, but who knows what'll happen now that we're on a high-pop server? Will I be judged unworthy to continue raiding since their player pool is so much better? Will some of our players decided to hop to another guild - there are plenty of far more progressed guilds recruiting. Or will we stick it out? Change is dangerous, and only time will tell.

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