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    Question Has a guild you were in ever broken up? If it has then tell us what happend!

    Has a guild you were in ever broken up? If it has then tell us what happend!

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    Iv'e never been in a guild that's broken up completely but a raid team and a bunch of friends and I left a guild Wednesday and we're having the time of our WoW lives in our new guild.

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    I've been in a 25-man guild at the start of tier 14 and it broke up because of large skill and awareness diffrence between top and bottom players, which led to lack of progress and failure. Several raiders formed another guild which I joined and it went 7 heroic in the end while the leftovers stopped progress raiding.

    This is propably the worst thing that could happen, bunch of players with greatly varying skill and expectations. While you could get away with this in MC or even BWL (if those 40 people were not afk) you cannot do it now cos of high personal responsibility. There are many mechanics that have to be assigned to specific player and if that player(s) fail it, encounter goes into chaos mode and wipes the raid. Fifty wipes on Feng 25NORMAL due to people not spreading on arcane resonance or leaving fire in raid says much.

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    The last few months of Dragon Soul happened

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    I've almost always stayed until a guild breaks up. Usually it happens when we can't seem to find enough decent recruits to replace the quitters and the officers just give up.

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    Elegon blew up my last guild.

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    Best guild I was ever in broke up because the 5 core members (all family or significant others in family) were Canadian but had joined the EU realms because the first of them to start playing was Belgian and already had his shit on EU servers before he emigrated to live with his partner and eventually came to the decision to start playing on US realms because of the time difference. It wasn't the same afterwards and after a month of cancelled Raids, I left. Two others left before me so that was pretty much that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erenax View Post
    Elegon blew up my last guild.
    Elegon blew up the raid group I was leading as well. After 30-40 wipes people simply stopped showing up and we had to call it quits.

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    Oh and another time I joined a reroll guild in Cata when the GM went crazy after two Raids had to be cancelled after no shows, emptied the guild bank and quit. Total dick. I guess even Scandinavians can be douchebags.

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    Mine didn't literally break up but it felt like it. The guild was pure Swedish at first, then one of our raiders stopped playing because he had too much to do in school, naturally we had to find a replacement. the girl that replaced the old raider wasn't Swedish and we had to start speaking English during raids because of that. This process ultimately ended up making us a guild that had to speak English all the time, even though the majority were Swedish.

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    i've always seemed to leave just before a guild implosion.

    tier 12, we were a 25 heroic guild, and attendance issues forced us to 10. My computer had blown up long before that and i was playing on a craptop, so i went casual. A tank left the guild, and the new tank left after a few weeks, and it just kinda went from there.

    tier 13, i was in TWO guilds that imploded. First one fell apart on 3/8 heroic, and soon after getting 8/8 heroic in my next guild, i left to hang with friends. They never really survived. A lot of guilds were formed during ds cuz the content was easy, and don't exist anymore.

    tier 14, i left the guild because i hated everyone. They are still going very strong.

    Tier 15, going good so far! =P

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    Amber Shaper HC broke up my last guild.
    Before that, LK 10 normal broke up my guild.

    I blame our Norwegians. They always had Telenor to blame, when in reality they were playing Minecraft, Cable Car Simulator and Train Simulator (what.) behind our back!

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    Eonar EU killed my last guild.

    Finding the required people to bother to turn up to raid was a nightmare, No one turning up meant canceled raids, meaning we dropped down the progression ladder meaning people didn't bother applying. Glad I Moved off that hell hole.
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    Oh and not a guild blow up (well it might have been as I was one of only two tanks) but I quit because the GM, although a nice guy, was an old heroic raider leading a group of rag tag normal moders through ToT and after constant negative chatter regarding progress I decided I'd had enough - even though it wasn't directed at me - I don't mind wiping, I just want to have fun with friendly people but no one could talk and there was admonishment on a bad night. Not somewhere I wanted to be

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    I was in a great guild with good people that helped each other and spent time even out of raiding. But as soon as we were making nice progress in game and people started to jump on the band wagon we fell apart. We got these enlisted jerks in the guild telling us we were doing it all wrong and needed to get rid of some the same people that got us where we were, good people with good hearts. Well it hurt the feelings of theses players and they just started to quit. Taking a back set to these jerks. So yeah we all left and let the jerks have it. The guild did not last after that. The heart was gone.

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    Was in a guild back in wrath, large guild, 2 25 mans and multiple 10 man alt runs. Broke up because GM decided to take a break and left the guild in the hands of a person that multiple people disagreed with. The main raid group made their own guild and is still going strong on another server. Original guild is still around but hasn't been able to put together a competent raid group.

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    Story time!

    Early in Burning Crusade, me and the girl I was leveling with co-founded a leveling guild, called the Legion of Rubber Duckies (don't ask, there's a story there too, but not one worth telling.) As some of you might recall, the community in general was much more polite and less elitist back then, so our guild was a lot more fun than any I've seen the last few years. Our structure was that she was the diplomatic Guild Leader who recruited, helped people with tough quests, and organized guild dungeon runs. I was the co-leader, formally called the Guild Bouncer. I handled kicking people who were annoying from the guild, keeping guild drama in check, and organizing PvP activities, especially world PvP when one of our members was ganked. We didn't have any requirements or anything, except that if you were a prick or a leech, I'd kick you. As said, this was back when people were friendly, so our good cop/bad cop format was actually quite popular among our members, and we became the largest non-end game guild on the server with several hundred members.

    At some point long down the road, another guild leader made contact with us, wanting to merge. We, being ignorant, said that we'd take them in, as long as it was understood that we're still the guild leaders, and they're joining ours, and their leaders would simply become officers. They accepted that, somewhat bitterly, but it still didn't work out. There was a lot of drama and conflict of interests, particularly among officers from their guild and officers from ours before the merger. It was quite annoying.

    My co-leader felt overwhelmed by it, and she got to where she was stressing herself out trying to manage it and please everyone as best as possible. At one point she said she was so stressed that she wished she didn't have to mess with it anymore. So, I stepped up my bouncer game after she went offline, and booted every single person from the guild one by one, laughing in chat while I did it, and then disbanded it after it was over. When she found out, she laughed and thanked me, and everyone went their own way and there were no hard feelings, at least among those whose opinion I cared about. The people we made friends with in the guild remained our friends afterward, so it's all good.

    Some time later we reformed the Legion of Rubber Duckies, with just me in charge this time (she didn't want the responsibility again; can't say I blamed her) and this time it was meant to be a friendly PvP guild and, to some degree, a leveling guild even though we were maxed. But this time, it didn't work out as well. The people leveling wanted us to do everything for them, and many of the people at max wanted to start raiding. I could tell nothing was going to come of it, so a few months later I disbanded again, without the theatrics this time. There were few complaints.

    Thus ended the reign of the Legion of Rubber Duckies!
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    Have happend 2 times. Ones was in vanila, we had finaly farmed so our main tank had got that one wind legendary, he had borrowed many things from the guild bank to pay for it, then he left with some of the class leaders and raid master, the guild could not handle it, it was 40 man back then, but there where the pillars
    And then also in TBC, the guild was growing, but agian some of the pillar players had gone to college, and the rest wanted to raid more, so the left and joined another guild(i left with them) had my alt in the guild, the guild died short time after

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    In order:

    - Kind of broke apart trying to go from 10 to 25 back in BC
    - Gorefiend
    - People were awful
    - Clouds on Yogg-Saron
    - Most of the good players left, officers got burned out
    - I'm not a huge fan of guild leading, had problems getting a roster put together
    - Problems with people leaving faster than we could recruit

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    Towards the end of Vanilla was the last guild I was in to break up. It went down like this;
    - Had a few LGBT players in the guild that were in the closet so to speak to most of the guild. Only a few officers knew of their orientation.
    - Got a few new members for the raiding team that were friends of the guild leader. Was a group of about 5 of them.
    - Starts with small ribs towards each other, "You're gay" "Stop being such a fag" etc.
    - Class officers (2 for each class so 16 since this was Vanilla) about 12 of us in officer chat tell the guild leader that he needs to have a talk with these people as it's upsetting a few of the LGBT members.
    - Guild Leader tells us they can do what they want.
    - 1 hour before raid time, over half the guild /gquits and forms another guild.
    - Guild Leader begs everyone to return, but his friends will not change their behavior.
    - New guild is formed with happy players.
    - New guild lasts into WotLK where due to player burn out, dissolves about a year into WotLK.

    Needless to say, the homophobic comments quickly were reported also and I believe that two of the accounts were banned as it wasn't their first time saying comments like that.

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