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    2 top DPS left without saying a word, needless to say they were in our core group and we hadn't managed to find any new recruits for months.
    3 years down the drain, but gosh, it was good 3 years.
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    I was in too many guilds to count in TBC due to the drama server I was on.
    Lessons learned:
    1) never play on an RP-PvP server. Too many mental people on those.
    2) Never let a kid lead a guild. They can't handle it.
    Story time:
    While spending time on an RP-PvP server (initials are TN) I was in a guild that somehow managed to make top 10 (we did only had 1 boss in Hyjal down, had not touched BT) and stuck on Kael and Vashj. Yeah, sad server is sad. Any rate, we were doing decently and almost had second boss in Hyjal down and still working on Vashj but almost had that one down. Well, our guild leader (was in High School) finally snapped and had a mental breakdown (failed school, got suspended or expelled due to some circumstances, GF left him, and vented rage on guild) any rate he quit the guild and it disbanded. That was the guild I was in the longest in TBC.
    Prior to that, I was in a guild that broke after 2 days of me joining (drama apparently started and GL was unaware during recruiting) and it snowballed just as new people had joined. I actually had 2 more guilds like that.
    First guild I was in broke due to GL not listening to officers at one point as he recruited a person from a top guild on our server. None of the officers liked this new recruit but we could't put our finger on the exact reason. It was just gut instinct. Well that gut instinct was right, as this new recruit tore our guild apart systematically and quietly. It was never the same after that.

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    Good people left faster then we could recruit > guild disbanded
    Bad Greek people left on low pop realm with no possibillity to recruit > Guild disbanded.

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    First one: GM dated a girl in the guild who came to a loot disagreement with the rest. The GM took the side of the girl and after that part it went downhill.
    Second one: Two girls got into a catfight over loot, again. Almost everyone in the guild took different sides and bam disband.

    Both of these were during TBC. After that there's only been two two others where people simply got sick of the game and when activity faltered we kinda just stopped raiding.

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    Nocturnal Bandits: Broke up after I left to join Ancients to raid.
    Ancients: Broke up because they couldn't kill Baron.
    -Was guildless until TBC but raided guildless with Inertia in 40m Naxx-
    The Millennion: Raided all of TBC with them. Guild started to fall apart after 7, yes SEVEN months wiping on Kalecgos in Sunwell. I left a month before WotLK, created my own guild.
    Numb: Had an amazing 25 group, managed to kill 3D Sarth. After that 15 people quit WoW. Leaving us with 10. Never managed to recover from the mass exodus.
    Tryanus Supremacy: Joined TS, halfway through ToC. Little did I know that the guild was in the middle of a break up. Only stuck with them for 2 months.
    -Alliance side had run it's course and had gotten stale. Went Horde. -
    Instinct: Finished all of WotLK with Instinct. After doing all the ICC achievements, the big cliche in the guild left to join their friends guild, Cryptic. Instinct died 2 days later. The fallout, including myself, made a new guild.
    Hit it with a Brick: Most of the fallout from Instinct. had to fill in some numbers. Was able to raid early BoT and BWD with them. Since I didn't really like the people I was raiding with, I was always running my mouth, which lead to me getting kicked.
    -Server transfered to Blackrock, where I had a friend. Joined his guild.-
    Kittyclysm: Ugh, I have never been in a more clickish guild in my life. I tried to raid with them when they would let me but they were very, very picky. Managed to finish BoT and BWD. Never started Firelands. GM drama made this guild a week long drama fest that TNT would be jealous of.
    I cant remember the name of this guild <_<: Managed to finish all of Firelands with them, to spite being a month behind. Started Dragon Soul, but after 2 months of wiping on the colored slime boss, they all broke up and went their separate ways.
    Don't remember this guild either, lol: Joined the number one guild and they let me raid. Managed to kill DW:heroic with the 10% buff. After that, we did the dragon soul raider achievements and then the entire raid team, other than like 4 people up and quit until Pandaland. That was in March. -_-
    -Server transfered to Draenor where I had a real life friend-
    Eye of the Tiger: I joined them because my RL friend got me an in. I attempted to raid with them, but it never worked out. I joined my friends raiding group from another guild and did all of DS normal and heroic with them. At the end of Cataclysm, I left EotT to join the guild I was riding with.
    Blood Brothers: Not the best guild ever, but the best people I've ever found in all of my time in WoW. I hope they don't break up, but its almost inevitable that they will at some point. That is life.

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    When we still had 3 guilds for one lvl 40 we splitt, because lots of people in 2 of the guilds refused to farm fire resistance.
    And we stopped raiding at the end of Wrath(2 month before cata?) because of no progress on lk hero for month till cata came out
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    Apparently i killed my last guild.

    Been raiding with them for a while in Wotlk and when ICC came out...everyone but the tank had been doing the dailies and getting the emblems(i can't remember which)
    One of the bosses dropped a token and they all knew the tank couldn't exchange it as he hadn't got the emblems...i suggested that the other classes should be able to roll for it and the GM went full retard trying to say that the guild rules stated the tank had prio and it was on the site(it wasn't)...i did say then that he wouldn't be able to use it and would likely get it the next week so it mattered little anyway but the GM continued the verbal crap.
    End result i gquit in the raid and left...the raid fell apart, within a week some of the top DPS had left and the main tank quit the game and sold his account a week after that the guild was dead and had moved to some other guilds.

    A shame really it was a good guild...actually managed to beat the top horde guild on our server in ToTGC when it was current
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    Well the last guild i rly loved didn't broked but most of the core raiders left because 1 player that decided she's better than us

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    We had a small Guild in Wrath. Only about 15 core members for our ICC runs. I was a core Healer on my Druid, along with another Pally. Well, I was having minor surgery done and I told the GM I wouldn't be able to Raid because of the long hours sitting in a chair.

    About two days after the surgery I logged onto WoW at about 3am (on pain killers) to do a quick Headless Horseman run. I was about to log off after completing the dungeon, when the GM whispered me and asked if I was up for ICC that night. I told him no and explained that I couldnt sit and play WoW for very long, due to my surgery on my stomach. The next night, around the same time (running Horseman again) I noticed that I had been kicked out of the Guild.

    I whispered him the next day asking why he kicked me, and he told me it was because I abandoned the Guild and that they needed me since I was their core healer. I then whispered the rest of the Guild and told them one by one what really happened and what was going on with me.

    Well, that didnt go over too well with everyone and they actually all left the Guild to start a new one with us all in it. Our previous GM wasn't too happy about it, and proceeded to harass and threaten (life threats) some of our members. He ended up getting banned permanently from WoW.
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    I've been through two such incidents:

    The first was early into Cata, around the end of May 2011. I was in a mega-guild called Exercitus Sanguinis (it's come and gone a couple times since, but this was the first major upheaval) on US-Quel'Thalas. The guild was the biggest Alliance guild on the server and aside from a couple of very casual raid teams and a core group of about 30 or so of us who were friends and actually talked in /guild, it mainly served as a glorified pug for people who didn't want to deal with the language barrier in bg's and lfd. I don't know exactly what drama went down but a bunch of the officers wanted to kick out the GM because of his constant not showing up for scheduled raids and just a total nonchalant attitude towards the game in general. They organized kind of a mutiny and got themselves kicked out. They went and started up a new guild called Exbordo of which I was a founding member and remained an officer until I retired my rogue around 4.3.

    The second go-round was on the same server, but Horde side. The GM had apparently been very busy tending to some stuff in his personal life and hadn't logged in for a while, as we had already finished that tier of raiding anyway. I guess we all just kind of got lazy and somebody caught us napping and used that option where you can kick out the GM and steal the guild for yourself. I (and just about everybody else) was kicked out of the guild and our guild bank (which was probably one of the better ones on the server) was seized and slowly auctioned off. Live and learn though, none of us will ever make that mistake again, I guarantee you.

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    Helped a casual friend kind of blow up the guild then reform it so he could progress picking up new players while getting rid of the bad players. This example is what i have seen the most, a mix of good players and bad players, is a volatile mix. Good players wanting to down content they know is easy while the bad player just wants to raid not caring. Broke up a lot of guilds seeing people go from casual social to raiding progression.

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    3 guilds in the past 3 months. People got fed up with wipefests and stopped logging in. That meant raids got cancelled or half of the raid night was spent looking for pugs. My current guild has similar issues right now. Half of our core quit WoW for whatever reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phenox View Post
    Has a guild you were in ever broken up? If it has then tell us what happend!
    I've been apart of a couple that broke up for various reasons. It was mostly raiding guilds, and losing patience waiting for recruits to apply, eventually closing their doors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by isadorr View Post
    Helped a casual friend kind of blow up the guild then reform it so he could progress picking up new players while getting rid of the bad players. This example is what i have seen the most, a mix of good players and bad players, is a volatile mix. Good players wanting to down content they know is easy while the bad player just wants to raid not caring. Broke up a lot of guilds seeing people go from casual social to raiding progression.
    I was in an awesome one once that was all casual social with a wacky little raid team that slowly trudged through content. Those raiding times were the most fun I've ever had in WoW. Sure we weren't #1 server firsts on everything, but I promise you nobody has ever had more fun wiping Wish I could find a guild like that again, but it seems that now you're either a friendly fun guild that hangs out and does nothing, or a hardcore serious business progression group that spends all night discussing numbers and spreadsheets.

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    The guild I was in merged with another guild, creating a "super guild" of sorts. We got a realm first achievement and then started losing players. We failed to recruit decent replacements and it got to the point where our raid sucked. I left, other people left, the guild died.

    Another guild I used to be in dissolved when the guild leader decided that he'd rather just be a raider than deal with the stress of guild/raid management.

    That's about it.

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    Once was taking over a guild for the guild bank and taking the strong members with me.

    Another was just splitting it in half to spite the terrible leadership and hand holding for spouses slowing raids.

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    Well, my first guild broke up because half the raiders (was a 10M) decided they wanted to go play tera instead. Two other people decided to go join another guild, so I eventually jumped ship and xfered to another guild...

    which broke up a few weeks ago. TL;DR, guild was lead by a couple, the boyfriend was a decent player, a decent raid leader, all that stuff. The girlfriend was bat shit insane and also just terrible at the game. The insane part is more relevant though, because she had some superiority complex about herself, thinking that everything she did for the guild (recruit substandard people without researching them at all) was the best thing that anyone had ever done. Couple this with the fact that she got into massive shouting fights with each of the 3 (or 4) officer cores that were in that guild over the 8 months I was there (and consequently made each set of them quit one by one)... yeah...

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    My previous guild. I joined during DS, yet the guild has been around since TBC. When I joined the guild was 2/8Hc and pretty well placed in the progress ranks yet almost the entire core had left. Some changed factions, others just went to play SWTOR (it was when the game got launched).

    I started as a trial with no raid experience for that tier (I had stopped raiding seriously in late TBC!) and most of the core was just as inexperienced and undergeared. Obviously we had big issues even just clearing the entire thing on Normal.

    Yet, we progress and we make it all the to 5/8HC in about 2 months. In that time I went from Trial, through Raider and all the way to Raid Leader. Then, all the SWTOR people decided the game sucks so they come back to WoW. Result: Massive influx of old raiders and officers. I counted, the day they all came back we had 9 fucking Officers online! NINE! We were STILL a 10-man guild then! We had so many people coming they decided to change to 25-man and re-do the officer ranks. Basically I was left as a Role Manager since the returning Guild Master wanted to Raid Lead. Once it became obvious he couldn't do it, I became his "assistant" Raid Leader. Yet, we did well enough, we cleared the same 5 Heroic bosses we had on 10man in a little over a week and we got the 6th boss the week after. Then the problem started: Spine Heroic. After 2 weeks of wiping on it everybody just starts leaving to the point we can barely raid 10-man.

    So we go on hiatus for about a week or two because officers were like "10 man sucks, if we don't go 25 I won't even raid", so I had to stand up to them and form a new 10-man group. They weren't too happy, yet we managed to get a new group and clear the whole raid in heroic mode.

    Then come Mists of Pandaria...

    All the people came back yet they weren't enough to go 25man and many didn't want to go that way again so we basically had to set up 2 10-man teams. Let's call mine Raid Group A and the guild master's Raid Group B. Basically, first week Raid Group A cleared all the way up to Elegon. Raid Group B only cleared dogs on the very last day. Next week Raid Group A is 6/6 by mid-week and RAid Group B is still on Garajal. They end the week stuck on Elegon. Guild Master's ego steps in and says "either we go 25man or I leave the guild" so the other officers panicked and started recruiting en masse for 25.

    Obviously, being the nr 3 guild on realm and nr 1 on the Alliance side we got a bunch of Applications. Then, once I started complaining they'll just ruin our progress and lose all we've accomplished they decided to group everyone up, both old and new people and ask them to vote if they want to go 25 or 10 man. Since at least 10 of those people were recruited on the promise of 25 man raiding, what do you think they voted for?

    Result: A guild that was on very top of realm progression, ready to jump into heroic modes, was then stuck on Feng (2nd boss) on 25-man normal mode. By the end of the week we only had 4 bosses down. Next week we only got through Elegon on the very last hour of the very last raiding day.

    On the meantime, I keep telling them they're ruining the guild and they tell me, the person that kept the guild afloat while they were off playing Jedi, this: "Your problem is thinking this guild owes you anything or that you did anything for it". Guild master gets pissed, says I'm "mr perfect" (mind you, this is a 30 year old, not some boy) and that Raid Group A just cleared the raid first under my lead because I had the best healer in the guild with me. He then goes off and says he ain't playing more. AFter that another officer pulls me to a Vent channel and tells me "either you apologize to him and make peace or I'll have to remove you from the guild". So yea, I just told them to fuck off and left. Good bunch of people followed me and we formed our own guild (and we're doing fine).


    I forgot the end. After I left they went back to 10 man and did something like described 2 posts after mine. Group 1 was the GM plus officers and whoever they felt was best (or liked most) and the rest of the guild had to make do with whatever was left for group 2. Eventually people got tired and started leaving, some came to my guild. Only one raid group was left and, all of a sudden, the GM decided to leave the guild and join another, more hardcore, guild.
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    First guild the gleader disbanded us and ran with everything in the gbank, I found out later, he does this every xpac.

    2nd time, the guild lead wasn't ever on, someone ranked got it after a month and sold it. IMHO this should not be allowed.

    3rd time, our gleader decided raiding on our faction/server was not working (interesting part is it wasn't working b/c he had 2 types 1:few tries, I have to go guy and 2pl never try so fuck it I am out of here guy), so that just destroyed the guild, half went, half stayed and he tried to keep the guild here going as well as raid on the other realm/faction.

    So now I am about to buy a lvl 25 guild, and just go at it. And this shit will never happen again.
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