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    WoW Machinima for a Song

    Does anyone here mess around with doing WoW Machinima? We are looking for a talented individual who could help make a machinima style "music video" for a song that a friend is finally completing. Please contact me if you are able to do something like this and I will let you hear the song so you can come up with ideas. Really want this to be a great video to post on youtube - all video credits go to you and you we will plug you if you have your own youtube channel.

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    Considering the time and effort involved people may be looking for a monetary reward.

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    Yea he made this song just for fun and it turned out really well so we wanted to do a video to support it. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay someone for it. If anyone would like to do this for fun and possible exposure to your youtube channel let us know! It's all about the love of the game!

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    If you are still looking for someone to do a video for the song I would be glad to do it. I have a youtube channel and have several videos there that I have done. None are music videos yet but I would love the challenge. Youtube channel TheThoraal

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