View Poll Results: What is your opinion on Transfers from Very Low Pop Realms?

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  • Transfers should be $25 each

    6 3.45%
  • Transfers should be Buy One, Get One Free

    8 4.60%
  • Transfers should be $25 for all on that realm

    37 21.26%
  • Transfers should be Free but limited

    103 59.20%
  • Transfers should be Free and unlimited

    8 4.60%
  • Transfers should be Free once and the realm closed

    12 6.90%
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    Not sure if I've remembered correctly, but I believe that back when Totalbiscuit was covering things related to WoW, he pointed out that the transfer fee was no longer justifiable because the adminstrative processes had been simplified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuku2 View Post
    Now consider Classic WoW, Burning Crusade, and WotLK. Blizzard has almost certainly sold enough copies of those that they recouped their development costs, right? So, why not have Classic WoW and the first two expansions be completely free?
    I'm pretty sure the costs of those expansions have gone down significantly and that at least one of the expansions is now completely free.

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