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    (disc) Iron Qon 10HC with 2 healers

    Hey guys,

    anyone got any tips for the fight? our 3rd healer (resto druid) has RL problems so we are kinda "forced" into using jsut myself (disc) and our holy pally.

    the fight phase is uber stressful to heal, our enhance shammy is dropping his instant healing rains as much as poss and even though he doesnt like it, our moonkin is asked to tranq too.

    groups are set up so that PoH hits optimally etc etc.


    im trying to keep about 10k spirit, prio crit > mastery > haste. i have 2pc, LMG and Horridons trinket. i have been playing around with gemming, so alot of hybrid gems around the place.

    logs from last night


    we are getting into 2nd and 3rd phases, though i will admit to having spaz attacks and getting picked up in the wind storm a couple of times. Our raid leader wishes us to stay using 2 healers for the DPS aspect, is this a wise idea or jsut drop the lowest DPS for a healer?

    i know this plays to Holy's advantages is it worth trying holy if we stay 2 healer?

    for the final phase once the dogs are down will 2 healers have enough output (with healing rain from the shammy) to sustain the fist smashes?


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    If you are solo tanking with the pally you should seriously consider having him go with the haste stacking for the increased throughput coming off of battle healer. This could give you the extra breathing room to push through, and reduce the amount of time you are spending in the high damage phases.

    Are you wiping to the damage or to mana issues?

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    Get more spirit (as much as humanly possibly really, without sacrificing amazing bonuses/int flask) and glyph binding heal for this fight, it's great (but really quite useless if you are at 10k spirit). For aoe phases weave PW:S->instants/penance->binding heal/PoH for maximum borrowed time uptime (and hence hps output). Proper cd usage and communication around these is crucial, make sure to use all of them in p1 (they'll be up for the last anyways) and then pop a few once all the dogs come down, and save the remaining for the harder fist smashes. It really depends on your dps if you're better off 2 or 3 healing it, you kinda want to push one wind storm and higher dps makes the last phase significantly less intense.

    Regarding holy I'd say that this is one of the few fights where disc isn't outright superior, holys higher hps really shines here but so does disc utility and damage. I'd simply go with the spec you feel more comfy with.

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    yea what others mentioned Holy will probably shine better if you are going to 2 heal this, burst healing isnt the thing for disc :P

    solo tanking 2 tanking i didnt feel much difference tbh (as long as they get Bop)
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    tsokin, yes we are trying to increase his haste (he was an alt until 2 weeks ago, now ilvl511) so still gearing up. also i personally am not having mana issues, even with spamming i still enter the transition to P2 with 20% without haivng used fiend yet. its then pop fiend + HoH and coast through til P4

    Cookie, i do use glyph of binding heal, its really good for the triage of our group when stacking up. Our aim is to get one storm (we had the first storm at 67% and had the transition from P2-3 with 17secs left)

    as for holy, what is a comfortable spirit level? the last time i was holy was for stone guard heroic (hello double regen from tiles)

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    There is not really a comfortable spirit lvl for holy priests, mostly hps is limited by mana so more spirit -> more output. As holy you should really go oom every fight

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    managed it with relative ease tonight, me and holy pally full time with an enhance off healing. it was alot easier than expected! overall, very low healing requirement once its past the 1st phase

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