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    Heroic Lei Shen

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    Garalon still visits my nightmares sometimes. Although he may be overtaken by Horridon, we'll see.

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    Turns out, checking the actual numbers, it is Horridon by almost 20 attempts more than the second place (which was Elegon).

    Garalon shockingly took us less attempts nearly every boss in Heart of Fear. Only the first guy required less, and Empress was the same number. I guess we're all backwards.
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    Lei Shen or Ragnaros

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dryaan View Post
    Lei Shen or Ragnaros
    Firelands and MC were merely a setback!

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    Hahaha, if counting Rag-MC and Rag-FL as a single entity, then he wins!

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    For normal modes, hands down Elegon pre-pre-nerf, was a pretty gay boss in first week of raiding.

    For heroic modes, Spirit Kings.

    No ToT bosses so far have come close to the amount of wipes on those two MSV bosses, on either difficulty.
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    Heroic lei shen for sure.

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    N Tortos. I got around 40-60 wipes. Rest of my guild has 110+

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    Lei Shen 25H, around 450 wipes.

    Most overall: Ragnaros25H (FL): 780 progress wipes.

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    BC: Muru pre 3.1
    WOTLK: Heroic Lich King 25
    CATA: Sinestra, Heroic Spine 25
    MOP: 25 heroic Spirit Kings

    I quit PVE for PVP right before ToT launch after staying hardcore PVE since Burning Crusade. Played every class and spec at 90 and would have to say that tanking on my brewmaster on heroic spiritbinder 25 was the hardest for me to tank. Out of all the bosses I've encountered it was most challenging to DPS heroic 25 Ultraxion only because of the latency boss. It was so hard to hit my special action button at 1 fps. And to this day I still believe that Ultra was a blizz conspiracy to counter an easy mechanic boss with insane and un-needed additional particle FX that lag spiked most machines. In my opinion, they made the first boss ever to counter personal PCs. lol

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    H Rag, or H Vizier in it's first week

    300ish for both - vizier certainly felt worse though. all in one week, plus the added frustration of 50%+ of them being forced due to flying to attenuation first

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    Heroic Lei Shen around 400 times ;D

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    88 or so on Lei Shen 25 Normal, think I wiped to him more than normal Rag back in FL >.>

    Heroic Gara also took quite a few attempts.

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    A better expansion.
    Where are you guys finding your stats?

    Just as a guess I'm gonna say Vizor or Will because I haven't gotten to do any hard fights this tier :P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    Where are you guys finding your stats?
    DBM shows on the raid's menu. I'm sure BigWigs also shows somewhere.
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    Gee, I am suprised to see so many turn out for this kind of thread, usually people wouldn't want to discuss their # of wipes to a boss haha. Sounds like we'll be wiping on Lei Shen a good amount of times once we get to him. And am so glad we decided to bypass H HoF.... My guild had me dispelling quickening on Normal Wind Lord. Oh yea, I play a mage. It pretty much was the shittiest fight ever for me. Pro tip: if your guild makes you do this go arcane its got a reduced mana cost for spellsteal and use invocation to jst re up on mana wenever you need. was much easier pre-5.2 when arcane was broken and u had unlimited mana sitting in your RoP. But thats off topic~

    Lets hear more! Surprised to hear a H gara'jal as one of them. we one shotted that boss but we wen we went to spirit kings wellllllll things went down hill from there haha. Besides that havent done much heroic content this xpac though i would love to see it!

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    Heroic Lei Shen 250+ wipes

    Heroic Sha was only 100 or so. Granted it's a 20+ min fight but still not even close to Lei Shen.

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    Leishen LFR mode.

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    thank god we had a Mistweaver monk in godmode during garalon, just a few wipes.
    I'd have to say we haven't encountered a boss we wiped on as much as during DS and FL ( there we also had 100+ )
    this expansion might be the most in normal sha 37 wipes

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