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    If you were to create...

    A set of goals and desires which would define how people live, what types of goals and desires/values would you set for people?

    Sort of like...creating your own philosophy so to speak....

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    Educate yourself.

    That's my philosophy.

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    1. Happiness
    2. Learning/Exploring

    guess that's all that matters

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    Find a selfless cause and stand up for it and don't just think about. Do one act everyday and don't look for rewards. An actual working philosophy.

    Look at my current unlikely hero Manny Pacquiao. Human trafficking.

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    Rule #1: Do everything you can to please the great and mighty Bergtau.

    Then I would fall into a serious depression and kill myself a few years later due to everybody constantly trying to please me.

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    Gandhi did mine for me:

    "Live like it is your last day on earth, learn like you're going to live forever." Or something to that effect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calzaeth View Post
    Gandhi did mine for me:

    "Live like it is your last day on earth, learn like you're going to live forever." Or something to that effect.
    If I had to codify a philosophy, I'd make sure to include a mandatory hatred for initially profound-sounding but empty-headed platitudes.

    Also probably make a point to oppose hero-worship, especially of insane people like Gandhi, who among his many achievements can list being an open racist, the probable rapes of pre-teen girls, and brilliant advice such as that the jews during WW2 should let themselves be exterminated. Being a pacifist is all well and good until you come across an opponent who has no qualms about killing you even if you're not resisting...

    Actually, now that I think about it, it may actually have already been codified as the philosophy, going a little something like 'being a cynical asshole'. I understand it's not the right philosophy for everyone, but it's the right one for me.
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