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    10H Iron Qon, appreciate suggestion about frost dk

    Hey guys so we attempt 10H Iron Qon the first night tonight. We 1 tanked it, using the strat that range soak first few, and melee soak the rest 8ish, with a melee group like:

    blood dk, MW monk, frost dk, ret pally

    So far p1 still looks dangerous. Besides RNG and relatively lower dps than what ppl said, 2 melee dps sometimes still died of either aoe or the spear thing at high stacks. (tank and monk are usually fine) So I was wondering, if anyone has done it as frost dk, any tips about surviving that phase? Like how to rotate cd, etc.

    And any other suggestion also appreciated

    Thank you!

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    preaty sure after 8 stacks the whole raid needs to rotate cd's on the melle or you will die , trust me i know.

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    We did it with one tank too. We had a feral, the Tank and me soaking the First 6 and after that we had 2 range grps soaking 2 debuffs each. My personal cd rotation was: Ibf on the 3/4, ams on 5 and amz on 6. Our feral bubbled on the 4th or something, but with a monk you should be fine anyways.

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    Normally I do it with AMS at first (so it will be up later aswell). This prevents the debuff to get applied to you, thus having one less stack to deal with
    2nd, 3rd and 4th I just soak normally (gives 3 stacks).
    5th + 6th = IBF
    7th = AMZ
    8th = AMS (if we ever get to that point)

    This will give your frost DK 6 stacks instead of 8 :-)

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