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    5.3 PvP gemming

    Since they are halving the amount of pvp power and resil that gems provide and nerfing pvp power as well, gemming is obviously going to change. I'm wondering if people think that, atleast for bm, will mastery be greater than pvp power for gemming? One not only considers that pvp power now offers half as much mastery and pvp power got nerfed by ~30%. Assuming mastery gems > pvp power is true, I am going to be putting 160 agi in red sockets and blacksmithing sockets, 80 agility and 160 mastery in yellow sockets, and blue sockets I still cant quite figure out, there are no superior gems to choose from and it may end up being best to just avoid some/all socket bonuses and throw in 160 agi, what do you guys think?

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    I'd say you're about right, 160 in red, yellow if the socket is good put in deadly or mastery gems, i plan on playing MM next patch to try out binding so im going for the deadly (crit/agi) for blues, that's a tough one, but.. if the socket is really good, i'd say bite the bullet and put in a agi/stam purple gem.

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    Came to the colnclusion that i will put 160 agi in red, 80 agi 160 mastery in yellow, and in the blue sockets on hand and waist i will do 80 agi + 80 pvp power gems since the socket bonus is 60 agi, and i figure that 80 power is still better than 20 agi. On the legs however, im putting a 160 agi gem in the blue socket because i think 80 agi > 200 power.

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