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    Need help touching up my hunter.

    I took a break from WoW for about 5 months and I wanna get back into the raiding scene but I'm a little rusty on my hunter so I have a few questions. I've been hearing survival is better than Beast mastery now for most fights so I'll just stick with questions for survival. Whats the best opener for survival? I'm a troll, should I be stacking berserking with Rapid fire + Direbeast at the start or pop my haste CDs than use Direbeast after they run out. Also I have the t14 4 set so I don't know if that changes anything. That leads me to another question how good is the t15 2 set would it be worth breaking my 4 set for the t15 2 set LFR version? Last questions I have is if LnL procs and I have full focus should I still use all 3 in a row or do something like ES AS ES AS ES AS so that I'm not sitting on full focus. When should I use readiness I know when I readiness I'm not supposed to use AMoC right away because it doesn't stack or something. That's all I really have for now if I could have these questions answered I think I'll be back on my feet again with hunters so any help will be appreciated.

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    LnL = ES ES ES

    Fervor > Dire Beast

    AmoC doesn't stack.

    T14 4 set doesn't change anything. Worth breaking for T15 2 set.

    For openers, there are quite a few topics about that within the first few pages of this forum. Well, 1 for Survival by page 2 at least.

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