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    Thoughts on May 21st Past?

    So far, these are the Death Knight changes incoming for the Patch tomorrow.

    Death Knight

    Blood Plague no longer benefits from the damage increase granted by Tricks of the Trade.
    Frost Fever no longer benefits from the damage increase granted by Tricks of the Trade.

    Necrotic Strike's healing absorption effect has been increased to 225% from attack power, up from 200%.

    Gorefiend's Grasp can now affect a maximum of 4 player targets. The number of non-player targets that can be affected remains unlimited.

    Festering Strike now deals 175% weapon damage, down from 200%.
    Scourge Strike now deals 165% weapons damage, up from 135%.

    Sudden Doom now requires the Death Knight to be in Unholy Presence to activate the effect that causes Death Coil to cost no Runic Power.
    Unholy Might now increases the Death Knight's Strength by 10%, down from 15%.

    Some people are mentioning in other places that certain portions of this have been reverted etc?

    Are there 100% accurate changes somewhere?
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    check the front page >_> theres a link to the official patch notes

    only UH changes in 5.3 are the ToT not effecting DoTs and the nexrotic strike buff, as well as the no DC proc in blood pres

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    Ah I see that now, nvm,

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    I like that I'll be on an even playing field with the DK's that can get a ToT (the other melee is a lolenhance), and not having to rely on other people not being stoop, and that they "nerfed" it in a way that wouldn't kill festerblight off completely.

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