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    Death Knight Tanking in MoP

    So, after clearing TOES, HOF and Vaults with my warlock when MoP was fresh with my Warlock, I decided this wasnt very fun anymore and I wanted a break.

    Now I want to get back again, but I want to play my DK as a tank. Ive thought about becoming a tank for the next big raid (not ToT) and I was wondering how are DK tanks in MoP compared to Dragon Soul patch in Cata? (Played my DK tank during that). I had a blast with it, and thought it was really fun in Cata. So I was wondering if it is anything like that? And are they strong tanks or would I get picked over by a druid,warrior, paladin, monk?

    Thanks in advance. Havent touched my DK since Cata so, hehe
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    DK Tanking survival is about the same or greater as the other tanks, but their raid utility is next to non-existent, and anything that they bring DK DPS can also bring.

    Personally i played a DK untill after our first Heroic Ji Kun kill i swapped to my 40 less ilvl Paladin and the difference was staggering how much raid utility there was in comparison to my DK.

    So for a heroic progression yes you might get picked up over a Pally or Monk but just for casual tanking a DK is still a fantastic tank for ability for survival and damage output.
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    We're squishy as hell, stack mastery.

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    Plays like Cata, hence my lack of motivation. Changes are only in the frequent talent switches for specific cooldowns.

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