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    Healers, how will you be gemming in 5.3?

    With PvP Power being more expensive to achieve 1% and the reduction of PvP Power/Resi provided from gems.
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    On my mistweaver monk i will gem;
    If burst is still retarded i will continue gemming spirit/resi.
    If burst is more balanced then ill be gemming int/power and int/spirit.

    Guess we will have to see next week

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    Same as this patch, spirit/mastery/int + resil.

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    im gona do a couple arenas. get globalled. regem for int, get globalled. probably cancel my sub.

    im disc. on a serious note ill probably go to int for red, int/mastery for yellow, int/spirit for blue, same as how i gem for pve. heck maybe ill just use pve gear. wont be much of a difference
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