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    looking for 5.3 official patch notes

    since it has been confirmed i have been looking with no success to official patch notes, i still see most recently potential live builds. but i have a hard time believing they are not sure what is being released in one business day. anyone have any links for the full 5.3 list?

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    Not out yet, best I can offer is 5.3 PTR notes from 14th May.


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    look there, you'll have a better chance on the official website

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    They will most likely accompany the official release as Always, for now you will have to do with the ptr version

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    Google - 5.3 Patch Notes.

    Blizzard cannot predict in advance every change or addition that will make it into the patch, and therefore cannot produce comprehensive notes beforehand.
    Things change, get added, get removed so the best notes you will get are those above, which receive updates/changes highlighted in red text when there is anything to actually update.

    Neither a confirmed date nor a release candidate on the build mean that either are final yet.
    It is quite possible that the notes are only updated intermittently, so many may not yet have been described.
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