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    mechanical keyboards enquiry

    right guys, i know this topic is done to death a bit, but my inquiry differs a bit.

    theres many boards out there, and just to add, im from the UK, there isnt a lot of places where i can look at a board first hand before buying with my day to day schedule, im familiar with the switches, im fine with all except red switches, hearing they have no tactile feeling, and i quite like having that feeling on a board really.

    its the other elements i want to cover and ask for help, first off, my check list im wanting to include in a board:
    the left shift key to be longer then normal
    has back lighting, colour doesnt bother me in such manner
    has a built in wrist rest or better more pref is the actual wrist rest being part of the actual structure such as seen in the microsoft X4
    dont want macro keys
    non red switches
    full size board, though wanting at least a number pad on it if its slightly reduced in size

    just wondering what people can recommend, i can watch a lot of youtube videos, but im seeing some boards actually differing to each other of the same one, think ive seen one of the boards from CM i believe where the shift key on the left is long and the other is short, could be wrong but wanting to get this clarified, budget wise i can stretch £90-£100 at most, im also wanting to factor in reliability, so curious to hear on this regard as well, cheers for any responses.

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    SteelSeries 7G I don't think it's backlit and slightly above budget but the rest is there

    Corsair CH-9000003-UK Vengeance K90 comes with macro keys though.

    K95 or K70 would be nice but I don't see those available in the UK yet.
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    cheers guys, and that clarifies that one catbeef, was wondering that, also surprised the 7G costs more then the K90 now, shame the 7G almost has it all, prob gonna see if theres any successor to that in the near future and wait, i can preorder the new corsair boards, but the price is well over £110 for either one, so its out of budget for me sadly for this one item.

    actually curious, are the buttons on the K90 re-programmable, that \ key, wanting to possibly disable that, and switch over the shift keys if possible via the software if any one knows?, i use a lot of shift commands with that left shift so its important to me as a feature

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    http://www.keyboardco.com/ is a UK option if you want to look at Filco boards. They also sell the US layout in that shop. (long shift key)

    Not sure about this shop either, but Kustom PCs is another UK site that has mechanical boards.

    Good luck
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    cheers dude, gonna take a good gander at those sites for a good look, something i found http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AZIO-Levet...item460f6b84a1

    im hoping they make a backlit version of this, has almost everything i actually want, the detachable keypad is a huge bonus for me, this board also looks great, curious if anyone has any experience with it

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