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    122 13.86%
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    104 11.82%
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    100 11.36%
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    496 56.36%
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    Dreadlord MrLordDariusCrowley's Avatar
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    Sanctuary or the local tavern.
    Kil'Jaeden's hand popping out of the ground from the Twisting Nether and just dragging him down to turn him into an officer of the Burning Legion.
    I hope Garrosh have secretly allied himself with the BL without any outside influence and just by his own free will, just to connect MoP with the next expansion.

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    The Lightbringer mysticx's Avatar
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    I want the fight to go to a cutscene at 1% HP, when Sylvanas shoots him with her bow, and he's exiled to either Alcaz island or Tirion's old house on the EPL border, dooming him to forever serve as a "I used to be a warchief, then i took an arrow to the knee"-joke for all eternity.

    Either that or just kill him (Redemption pretty weak after all the build-up) and put a 2H mace on his loot-table that's basically Garrosh's head on a stick, so alliance can go around beating hordies up with their old warchief's head. >

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    Redemption. I'm tired of them killing off major lore characters.

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    While I wouldn't mind if he died a painful death, I voted for imprisonment. Preferably by the Alliance. I feel that it would be an interesting deviation from the pattern where expansion end bosses always end up dead. Exile would be way too merciful and redemption is right out of question on his part, in my opinion.

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    Dead of course. You don't get to obliterate a Warchief that often so might as well go all the way through.

    On a side note, it's not like it mattered what we do to Warcraft villains since they ALL share the nasty (and badly written) habit of coming back sooner or later...

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    Killed by Giant Snail.

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    Redemption doesnt make too much sense honestly. He will probably be killed. The most interesting option IMO would be imprisonment, open to a lot of future possibilities.

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    Sentenced to a life of exile in the nether-blasted ruins of Theramore, guarded by the angry spirits of Rhonin Redhair and Marshall Maxwell. But before he can be transported to his fate, Sky Admiral Rogers shoves him off the deck of the Skyfire to his "apparent demise." Merely a setback, of course.
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    I t would be interesting if he somehow escapes, takes over the Dark horde and continues to threaten Horde and Alliance alike.
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    Elemental Lord Elven Athena's Avatar
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    exiled. Orcs don't care about death. Orcs care about being shamed and humiliated. Have him mope around Silithus in stinky rags for the rest of his days, eating bugs to survive, forever hated by the world.

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    Herald of the Titans Fullmetal89's Avatar
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    Redemption for a change would be nice. We all know he's going to be killed anyways apparently Blizz thinks that when you go bad there's no saving you its just Black & White with them so I doubt redemption is on the table. It would be very surprising.
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    The Lightbringer leaks's Avatar
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    I don't even know anymore.
    If he gets redeemed I think it will most likely be through a child of his. I just don't see Blizzard giving the Alliance that big of a middle finger by having him escape.
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    Elemental Lord Elven Athena's Avatar
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    Murdering Greenskinned filth, wherever it oozes forth
    Quote Originally Posted by leaks View Post
    If he gets redeemed I think it will most likely be through a child of his. I just don't see Blizzard giving the Alliance that big of a middle finger by having him escape.
    They could do that easily. That isn't their concern. Their concern would be the Horde players that "want him brought to justice"; Blizz doesnt give a mote of crap about the Alliance playerbase or its opinion.

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    Imprisoned for ten thousand years... banished from my own homeland... and now you dare enter my realm?

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    Dreadlord Spichora's Avatar
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    I voted Killed because it would at least please me and Lorewise it would be correct! But I can imagine Garrosh Fleeing from Battlefield and becoming Warchief of his Horde the Evil Horde. Uniting his Kor kron loyalties Dragonmaw and all the other Orcs spread out in the Azeroth who are longing too see the Old Horde reborn.And he would gather powers to take his revenge on both foe Horde and the Alliance even with the help of Great enemies of the Azeroth !
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    Mechagnome EarthHoof's Avatar
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    Imprisoned, and tortured.

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    Scarab Lord RoKPaNda's Avatar
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    Exiled and re-used later. One of the more interesting characters that Blizzard has created and finishing him off would be a waste. Ah who am I kidding? They already wasted Malygos and Deathwing.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Antherios's Avatar
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    Coming from an Alliance follower


    and ill be called crazy, but after watching the Operation: Domination horde questline on Youtube, i gotta say, Lor'themar is a badass and he should be Warchief.

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    Wipe his filth off of Azeroth. Speaking the name of "Garrosh" shall be punishable by a slow, agonizing death. All the pages that mention him shall be burned. His memory will be erased from the histories. It will be like he never happened.

    Seriously though, I cant wait to kill him For the Alliance!

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    I don't really care. Just kill him. As long as he doesn't show up again in a couple of years I'm good.

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