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    Would you prefer Garrosh killed, exiled, imprisoned, or redeemed?

    Or something else? Personally I'd prefer that he is either exiled or runs away, and have an Old God as the boss we "kill" instead. Just for a change of pace. But if we kill him I won't be bothered. As far as "combination" goes that could be something like putting him in prison and then executing him.

    I just hope his shoulders are part of Warrior Tier 16.
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    Either exiled or imprisoned but he will most likely end up killed. I can't see him being redeemed at this point. Heres hoping for Vol'jin as Warchief.

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    His head impaled. This is really boring character. Unlike Arthas who would be frickin badass if he survived, exiled champion etc. But Garrosh, just end this miserable character.

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    Definitely killed. Preferably staked outside of Org afterword as an example. I think Garrosh is probably the worst personality they've ever created for WoW.
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    I want him exiled to darkmoon faire island. He is forever imprisoned in a dunk machine and Kids all over Azeroth get to throw balls to dunk the once great leader of the horde into water.

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    Indoctrinated and forcefully Go'elised. At the end of SOO Thrall will force garrosh to drink his blood (and eat his poop) turning him into good guy. And half go'el.

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    Killed, definitely killed. If they pussyfoot bullcrap make some crap up about him being redeemed because of his father then the entire writing department needs to be sacked as does lead content design.

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    I dunno really... I kinda want him to die, kinda want him imprisoned, etc.

    Not dying would be... interesting... Just have him as a prisoner or him being exiled to some desolate place or somewhere in Outland...
    Do wonder what his death would cause though, the reputation he'd leave behind and all...

    I imagine he'll likely die after going prideful and rage at the adventurers though. Really interesting what'll happen, looking forward to hopefully seeing the PTR soon! =D

    Ooh! Imagine this! Garrosh is defeated and chained outside Orgrimmar or somewhere, humiliated, losing his pride! Then he could be the cinematic thing, like the monument in Dalaran and the chin of Deathwing. =P
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    I'd like to see Garrosh defeated but not killed, so he can apologize and try to redeem himself, eventually taking up Broxigar Saurfang's axe in the final battle against Sargeras.

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    As a Draenei I always hope that my enemies can somehow be redeemed.

    If that isn't possible, he should be killed and his remains should be fed to the netherdrakes.
    Just to make sure no one sews his head back on and rezzes him. *glares at Onyxia and Nefarian*

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    He is most likely gonna quit wow before he's getting killed as they say "Might aswell stop on the top!"

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    I want him to prevail. Rebellion? Alliance? Let's crush them all! FOR THE WARCHIEF! FOR THE HORDE!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvanor View Post
    I'd like to see Garrosh defeated but not killed, so he can apologize and try to redeem himself, eventually taking up Broxigar Saurfang's axe in the final battle against Sargeras.
    Nothing he could do would allow him the honor of such a great orcs axe.

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    The alliance should go "Jodie arias" on him..... leave parts of him spread all over orgrimmar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    I want him exiled to darkmoon faire island. He is forever imprisoned in a dunk machine and Kids all over Azeroth get to throw balls to dunk the once great leader of the horde into water.
    I second this.

    Honestly though the horde should just hand him to the Alliance to do what they will. Which would probably end up with a Varian beheading him. Alliance deserves as much for the atrocity that was Theramore and supporting the rebellion. Garrosh has gone to far down that path to be redeemed in my opinion, nor will the Alliance settle for anything less then his death.
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    I think one of the most fitting things - and hurtful for Garrosh - would be for him to be imprisoned. If he was exiled or redeemed, the actions throughout Pandaria wouldn't matter much. If he was exiled, he would most likely not learn his lesson and continue with his conquest elsewhere. If he was redeemed, everything we've done in Pandaria will be for no reason. The Siege of Orgrimmar would really seem pointless then, ad neither faction would feel as if they really accomplished anything.

    I would imagine it would be painful for Garrosh to be imprisoned in the city HE fortified, in the prisons HE had built. It would be a humiliating experience for him, and it would be something that players would probably enjoy seeing. On top of that, in the off-chance anyone would ever want him to enter the story again later, he could, much like Illidan's prison break by Tyrande in WC3. Garrosh hasn't been in the story very long, and even though I personally don't like his character, I also don't want to see him killed and thrown off to the side so soon.

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    Blizzard ows Garrosh a fucking redemption after all this bullshit they put him into.
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    Exile him to Outland, and block up the dark portal with a hundred feet of stone.
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    Exiled to Tirion's old shack in EPL.

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