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    Thank god, I got out of the customer service industry, I hate dealing with a person's bullshit. I never worked as a waiter, but it's the same go around with all situations where you have to deal with customers. They expect the world but are completely ignorant to what it takes to do that job. I might've hated my job in the customer service industry but I always would try to make sure the customer was happy, but some people are inclined to be dicks. There are definitely people out there that want to nickel and dime as much as possible, my advice, stay home. No one wants to deal with your bullshit when you come walking into the store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golds View Post
    I have never tipped a dime in my life. Why do people feel obligated to get money as if i'm already going to give it to them?

    Usually the task they're doing requires no brain work at all, so why should I reward you?

    I just frustrates me. Am I wrong to thing this?
    Way back in the day when I worked as a waitress, I only made 2.15 an hour (back when minimum wage was around 4.25 or so). Most of my income was from tips. Those people have a family to support and bills themselves. There could be a very valid reason he/she accepted a job that doesn't pay full minimum wage (especially with the way the job market is).

    The only time you shouldn't be tipping is if the service was frankly horrible.

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