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    Raid lockout question for tier 14 raids?

    Just a simple question, I signed up for a 25 man heroic Terrace of Endless springs to have some fun and try to progress on my own, if the raid group sucks and we just down like one boss or something, then could I join my guilds 10 man normal group this weekend on whichever boss I'm not locked to? Or would my guild have to do it on heroic 25 man for me to come, which isn't going to happen lol.

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    Heroic raids have specific unique IDs. You wouldn't be able to enter another run already in progress. You would have to be raid lead for the 10 man group and first to enter the instance. The rest of the group would then get locked to your ID. You can do normal modes, you just have to be leader. If they down the first boss on normal, they would be eligible for your lockout, but not vice versa.

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