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    We have him at around 30% after the two nests that spawn together (9 & 10), and after dealing with those two we just zerg it down.

    Out of curiosity though, don't you guys who take only 8 nests have insane amounts of Juveniles raping your raid by the end? The 9&10 nests are pretty easy and you get like 6 Juveniles just from them alone, not to mention the following nests.
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    should we keep going past possibly 9 and 10 or just stop at 9. I figured we could do 9 and forget about 10. getting pelted by 2 birds isnt has bad as getting pelted by 6.

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    The birds dont hurt at all tbh, just spread out so only 1 person takes the AoE dmg from the birds, he should be dead waaay before it gets critical.

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    On our latest kill we had boss on like 40% after nest 8 when we start burning. If u want video, here's the link

    Don't mind the dps meter too much since it's not accurate due to people being out of range.

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    We 3 healed it and burned him down after the 9th nest (8th nest team didn't go up to platform 10). After that burn the boss. Wait for another feed the young, everyone get the buff, hero, win. What helped us a lot was that the team doing all the platforms besides 2 and 8 got their first platform down really quick and could get the buff while flying up. Our Ele shaman logged place 27 on this try

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    Nobody mentions whether they are 10 or 25 man anymore? lol.

    I know in 25 man we stop around the 25th nest or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puerto View Post
    Nobody mentions whether they are 10 or 25 man anymore? lol.

    I know in 25 man we stop around the 25th nest or so.
    That's impressive since he enrages after the 16th nest...or so

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    10 man. Our first kill, we 3 healed and lusted at 12. Focus is to have no Juvs from the nests. Have everyone grab the food then lust.
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    We usually have the boss at or under 50% around nest 9 (well, lower now, but that's where we were for our first couple of kills). At that point we stop sending people to nests and just burn the boss. Players with feathers can still grab nutriment.

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    As has been mentioned several times, if the boss is under 45% once nest 8 dies, you have the dps to burn from that point. Group 1 gets fresh feather on Nest 7, Group 2 gets fresh feather on nest 8, blow hero once everybody is back up top once nest 9 feed young has buffed everybody.

    Since nest 9 and 10 come at the same time and pulls both groups off platform, doing an additional nest or two doesn't gain you much added boss DPS and you will end up having to likely clear up to nest 12, leaving your dps with no feather charges for the execute.

    Make sure your DPS delay leaving the nest until ~5s before feed young so they can double dip on getting buff and flying back to platform with one feather charge.

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