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    Problem is rogues are stuck with Sprint as our "class-iconic" gap closer, but its simple speed increase- it wont get you anywhere in the world of thousand easily applied snares and hundred roots.
    Same is with Evasion, while it worked fine "back in the day" - well still does but only against mobs and certain specs it gives no survival for its 3 min cd- outdated.
    And yes i think it needs changing, ShS works perfectly and fits rogue theme very well.

    Personally i think rogues talent tree along with monks/warriors are the worst and don't make much sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    (A) They implemented it because they made Prep baseline and needed a replacement talent in that tier. It had to be a strong mobility talent because it competes with ShS.

    (B) Why would anyone expect to be able to just walk away from a Rogue during ShD? Any Rogue with a brain saves ShD until their target is rooted, stunned, slowed or otherwise unable to escape.

    (C) CnD in no way increases the damage of ShD, nor does it make the Rogue immune to stuns, fears or any other kind of peel other than slows/roots.

    I really don't see why people think this talent is so awesomely powerful. I feel it's actually inferior to ShS.

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    First of all, everyone would take 3.

    Secondly, by that logic every Rogue ability would wind up baseline. The whole point of talents is diversification.

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    Well everything has insane damage compared to KS lol. But you're being ridiculous, it has no more damage than any properly executed ShD.

    Honestly, targets moving away during ShD is so rarely a concern I can't see what all the fuss is about.
    >Yep, they need to make a new one to replace CND...or reworked it to a balance and equal value to the other 2 choice
    >The guy is just giving example like saying apple, banana, orange...doesn't mean its a suggestion. His idea is about to change the Tier from a mobility into a Shadow Step Modifier Tier. What ever examples he gave is not a choice and not meant to be a choice
    >I agree, I find CND useless since I can do a max 8 sec stun and fully consume shadow dance (classic rotation)
    >The fuss is about people doing a KS look alike move while on subtlety. Blink attack Blink attack Blink attack Blink attack...then next patch come, its gone. Get the point? How would you feel if god said, having 2 hands is over powered so tomorrow we will take away one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the9tail View Post
    CnD still works with Subterfuge correct and not Shadow Dance correct?

    So it will still be used but it wont be the default choice, as you said its a choice between passive and active teleportation and with Glyph of Shadow, Prep and Vanish helping with Subterfuge in RBGs - people could still choose the passive choice.
    Yes, it works on all talent...but now only triggers on stealth. Other Skills using the stealth bar doesn't activate the passive anymore.
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