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    I've been saying since I first saw Wrathion's little dog and pony show that claims the Legion is coming that I'm not sure I believe it, so while some people seem to think that Wrathion was acting as Blizzard's official expansion announcer, I'm actually hoping for the headfake. I agree with the notion that trying to arrest the falling sub numbers by doing Burning Crusade II isn't a good idea. Myself, I see the Legion as being part of the upcoming expansion, but we're not going to Argus or whatever other planet the Legion claimed.

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    What if the next expansion was World of Warcraft: Deathwing's Return?Or Deathwing's Revenge?Something like that...I think that would be hilarious.

    I can already the end of siege of orgrimmar we discover that N'zoth corrupted Garrosh and used him to gain time for deathwing to recover from his wounds...yeah Wrathion has been talking about the Burning Legion but imagine...maybe he knows his father Deathwing survived and he decided to join him and is telling us the burning legion is coming just to catch us by surprise...and when we least expect Deathwing returns from where ever he was hiding and destroys Azeroth again while yelling ''The maelstrom was only a setback!Prepare for your doom, mortals!!''
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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    Plus the fact lore establishes her as on-par or more powerful than KJ.
    Deathwing was already more powerful than Kil'jaeden. I'm not sure how Azshara and Deathwing compare, but given how Azshara was already very powerful before she got a powerboost from the Old Gods I think I will bet on Azshara being a bit stronger.

    That's weird though, because given how Deathwing could only be defeated through 'cheating', does that mean Thrall will be using the Dragon Soul again against Azshara, since she is more powerful? Or if Azshara is defeated using a different method, it just means they could've done the same with Deathwing.

    Anyway, bottom line is, Kil'jaeden isn't all that powerful. He's physically weaker than Archimonde, he's just a better spellcaster and more of a schemer and tactician, playing behind the scenes instead of someone who goes head to head with the enemy. And since Archimonde went down relatively easily (compared to Deathwing), I guess we can conclude that Kil'jaeden isn't that special. The only true threat of the Burning Legion is their massive population and Sargeras himself.

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