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    Quote Originally Posted by RustyRhubarb View Post
    Got a 516 strength polearm from the heroic scenario box! yay for STR polearms!
    I got a braver and belt ... Not very useful as I have gotten the VP ones already.

    Definitely going to try to run it again and try my luck.

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    that fey dragon looks pretty stupid imo

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    Seems like an awfull boring patch yet again.

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    finnally ! disc priest nerf !! yeepeee .... ho wait nothing changed nvm. /rope

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    So, what exactly is there for Alliance to do in this patch? Seems like once I finish up the only four or five quests I get in the Barrens and do the weekly I'm left with nothing to do. Aside from PvP which seems to be anyone I know tells me to do.
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