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    Mine Sweeper

    I've been plugging away at random achievements, and for the life of me cannot get "Mine Sweeper" in Storm Peaks. I've searched around Wowhead, and it's hit or miss there on what to do. Anyone get this recently? What did you do to make it pop? I've tried different mounts, several different characters, running at different angles, and all for nil. Halp!

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    Easiest way to do this is to lag yourself. I ended up opening about 100 youtube videos at the same time, then running across the field. When the game finally caught up i had the achieve.

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    You run onto a mine on the correct side so you blow towards the direction you want to go to land on another doesn't have to blow up directly just within a second or two. And keep standing on the correct side of the mines. If you stand on the north side you fly north ;P

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    Be on a flying mount, press space all the time. When you "release" from the flight. Run straight into another mine.
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    yea mount up. took me quite a few goes

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    I want to say I used either a flying mount or traveler's tundra mammoth to get this one...was during wrath, so I don't remember for sure.

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    As ppl have said, lag yourself. I guess it's possible to pull out your internet cable for a short moment and run over the mines and the connect the cable again, if you are fast enough you won't dc.

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