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    The alliance will administer the Horde until the pre-expac patch were the Horde players overthrow the Alliance

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    IMO the twist would be to select one person.
    Everyone expects a council, and a council just doesn't fit the Horde.
    It doesn't need to 'fit' when the position of Warchief and a sole leader has been shown repeatedly to lead to tragedy. Even Thrall was shown repeatedly to have poor judgement in regards to many matters, including putting Garrosh in a position of power in the first place. A council would be ideal as it would allow every race within the Horde to stand on relatively equal footing (which also ties into the whole 'the Horde is a family' thing that's been going on lately) whilst allowing for more diplomacy.

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    Anduin will be killed, then resurrected as an Undead. Through the transition, he will be corrupted and ascend to the title of Warchief. Father/son rivalry, anyone?

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    i was expecting this to be about the new unannounced feature... i'm a little dissapointed.

    but still, vol'jin will probably become warchief and i reckon jaina will go apeshit at some point.

    but as for the the big announcement - it'll either be mega realms (CRZ everywhere including AH's) or it'll be retro raid content scaled up to 90+
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    We want drama..someone should be killed in 5.4 ( not talking about Garrosh )

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