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    5.3 PVP Shadow Int VS Power

    Patch 5.3 is tomorrow.

    With it comes changes to resilience, pvp power and off-heals. I have tried looking around on Google, but I am having trouble finding any info. I focus on damage in mid level RBGS where survival seems to be easy even without lots of Resilience. As of now, I prioritize Power>Int>Res. I am curious as to what the new priority will be. Will pvp power lose out to int in both off-heals and damage? Will resilience scale enough to be better than the other 2? I think I may end up with Int>Power>Res. This relates to chest enchant and geming.

    Relevant patch notes:
    • PvP Power conversion ratio to obtain 1% damage at level 90 has been changed from 265 to 400.
    • Damage specializations for Druids, Monks, Paladins, Priests, and Shamans receive a 70% bonus to healing from PvP Power.
    • The amount of PvP Power and Resilience on gems and Mystic Cogwheel have been reduced by 50%.

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    I'm personally gonna gem some haste so I can reach the haste cap in PvP gear. It seems to me like an extra tick on Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague and Insanity is worth more than a 4-5% damage increase.

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    Hmmm.... I meant to do this math before the patch - but I'll give it a go now.

    Let's assume my opponent has 65% Resilience.

    To test I'll swap the 160 Int gem in my prismatic belt socket for a 160 Power gem and see how that impacts my DPS (no socket bonus to worry about).

    In my Int set (160 int gem) I have 36.49% Power, but 160 more Int.

    I deal 83,083 DPS * 1.3649 Power * 0.35 Opponent Resilience = 39,690 DPS

    In my Power set (160 power gem) I have 36.90% Power, but 160 less Int.

    I deal 82,517 DPS * 1.3690 Power * 0.35 Opponent Resilience = 39,538 DPS

    This means that 160 Intellect is worth about 270 DPS, while 160 Power is worth only 118 DPS.

    1 Intellect is worth 1.6875 DPS
    1 Power is worth 0.725 DPS
    100 Intellect is worth 233 Power

    Now I'll test the impact of 160 Resilience:

    66.11% with the Prismatic socket empty. 66.34% with the Prismatic socket full. To test - rather than mathing against a 65% Resil opponent, I'll use the same DPS figures above - but assume the lowest int / power (because I'd be replacing the int/power gemming with resil gemming) - then multiply by the different Resiliences just stated.

    82,517 DPS * 1.3649 Power * 0.3389 = 38,169 DPS

    82,517 DPS * 1.3649 Power * 0.3366 = 37,910 DPS

    So 160 Resilience reduces the damage I do to myself by 259 DPS. That means that Resilience is about as good at reducing damage taken as Intellect is at increasing damage dealt: I find that result quite promising.

    If we consider however that we are swapping 160 Intellect for 160 Resilience, the result would be this:

    160 Bonus Intellect:
    83,083 DPS * 1.3649 Power * 0.3366 Resilience = 38,170 DPS

    160 Bonus Resilience:
    82,517 DPS * 1.3649 Power * 0.3389 Resilience = 38,169 DPS

    They come out as being literally 1 DPS apart - and 1 DPS is way inside the margin of error for simulations, let alone real world PvP conditions.

    The Lessons are:
    - Gem Intellect for more Damage output
    - Gem Resilience for less Damage taken
    - Gem Power only if you are really desperate for more damage.
    - 233 Power is worth 100 Intellect
    - multiply Power (ie. 80) by 0.4242 to learn how much Int it's worth
    - Intellect and Resilience are equally good in terms of damage taken/dealt
    - Power is terrible


    You guys may also be interested to find out, my simulations suggest Crit >= Haste > Mastery. Because of this I recommend reforging to Crit - since it will also increase your likelihood of landing a lucky crit or two during a burst window (in addition to being marginally the best pressure stat).
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    For warlocks and mages it's 1 int = 1.05 resilience = 3 PvP power. PvP power is stronger for a spriest but it will still be the weakest of the 3 stats.
    As gems that will mean:
    red: int
    yellow: int - res
    blue: power - int
    If I recall correctly, there aren't any socket bonuses you can ignore.

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    Well 80 Power is worth 34 Intellect as far as DPS goes.

    It's going to be worth even less than that when used for healing because Power scales better for Damage than healing.

    So my pants want me to gem 160 Int and 80 Int + 80 Power to gain a 120 Power bonus. Alternately, I could gem straight Intellect and ignore the 120 Power bonus.

    200 Power (power gem + socket bonus) is worth 84.84 Intellect, which is makes it only 4.84 Intellect better than ignoring the socket bonus when only considering DPS. As soon as we consider our healing throughput though, Power is horrendous. So for any spriest who does any off-healing at all, it's probably better to gem double 160 Int in your pants than to get the Power socket bonus.

    The shoes are probably best to just gem straight resilience, and gain the 25 Intellect equivalent in Power (60 power) for free - but if you wanted more DPS - you could gem 160 Intellect in your shoes and ignore the bonus (power bonuses are so weak they barely matter, it seems).
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    Just gem whatever allows you to survive a warrior, dk, rogue or the new and and enhanced enhancement shaman.

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    Yvaelle i love you, so much constrictive information from you !

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