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    5.3 Throne of Thunder Raid buff?

    Will we be getting a raid buff for 5.3?

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    Nope. Just a personal buff in the form of valor upgrades.
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    Thank god not.
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    Gear upgrade is the covert way of buffing !

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsz View Post
    Nope. Just a personal buff in the form of valor upgrades.
    Yea this is actually kind of a big deal for those progressing slowly still. If you sat on cap and upgraded all at once tomorrow then you've received a pretty nice buff.

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    If they nerfed ToT it wouldn't be until 5.4.

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    Please don't nerf ToT. It's the most fun progressing I've ever had since Ulduar.

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    For Blizz its a model of which leads to greater subscription loss, frustration or boredom.

    Easing content to allow for more progression, which leads to faster boredom and cancellation.

    Not easing progression to throttle progression, which leads frustration and cancellation.

    Blizz has been betting on the former model lately. But gear upgrades seem to be a way for them to dip their toe into the idea of easing progression. Spending a full 1000vp on upgrades a week is like a 2-3% buff in the item level of a 500'sh ilevel person.

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    The nerf will come with 5.4. I think it will be a flat 10% nerf on hp and damage like in T14.
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    If you saved up 3000 VPs for 5.3, you get ~3 added to your average overall itemlevel if you spend it all when the patch drops. That's quite huge really. And of course that will only just continue in smaller rapid bursts of reliable increase in iLvl - whereas before, gear drops aren't necessarily reliable - with really bad luck a raid could go one week to the next with a 0 increase in raid item level. VP upgrades are pretty much guaranteed, until well, every piece of your gear is upgraded.

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    You can upgrade 8 items for 8 ilvl during next week if you stockpiled 3000 valor. That's a pretty huge increase, especially as you can choose important slots like weapons first.

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    Where have I been. 5.3 is tomorrow? Damn.
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    Ahead of the Curve: Will of the Emperor
    Defeat the Will of the Emperor in Mogu'shan Vaults on Normal difficulty, before the discovery of the Throne of Thunder.
    You got this FoS before 5.2 came out with the ToT raid. Also, in 5.2 MV was given the 10% nerf.

    Now there is this FoS instead:
    Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen
    Defeat Lei Shen in Throne of Thunder on Normal difficulty, prior to the release of patch 5.4.

    So if its the same as the "Ahead of the Curve: Will of the Emperor", then ToT should also recieve a nerf at 5.4, but not before that!

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