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    It will never be the same, though different opinions will put different points of the game higher than others.. to some that golden age might be right now.
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    My question is will it ever get a high player base like it 2010 that all realms were mostly full and had loads of guilds and stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rajin91 View Post
    My question is will it ever get a high player base like it 2010 that all realms were mostly full and had loads of guilds and stuff?
    The game still (mostly) has the player base of 2010 - it might not seem so because the game doesnt require you to play 8 hours every day anymore, so people log on and do their thing and log off again.

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    All good things must come to an end.

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    there is no true golden age. only a couple of memories that are truelly golden and so much more to come, fighting garrosh and the last sha, wrathions plot to unfold, the invasion of the burning legion etc etc.

    I'm happy to have done certain events and raids when they were current content, opening of Ahn Qiraj, Illidan, Yogg Saron and Ragnaros, just to name a few, but they are memories now, good memories and there are so many more to be made.

    why people constantly want to go back to what was, with the expectation it will be just as good as they remember or just as good as it was the first time, i just dont understand.

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    Iv played since 'vanilla' and I honestly feel there's more to do in the game now than ever before. The content is coming at a faster rate and there's all sorts to do outside of raiding or PvP. I hated Cataclysm but MoP is by far the best expansion since TBC for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birkhoff View Post
    Is the golden age of WoW truly gone? Days that are never coming back?

    What do you guys think?
    personal experience and "being a noob" is what most people connect with the "golden age of wow". it´s entirely different from person to person so no, it won´t come back for obvious reasons

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    Ive played since vanilla too..
    The game ist bad or anything buy people dont rely on other people nowwhich made the game longer,
    All the farming,and times were u log on and just do things to meet new people and quest with them
    I remmember stuff like boosting each other and stuff

    now u only need ur self,ANd now with the low pop servers people have died even more....

    What we really need is not 5-10 levels but more with the Old TBC stuff like,The Lore in MoP is great,But it lacked stuff like you needing attonments and long quest chains to do stuff.

    And ofcourse people like my self,when i was 14 i played non stop cause i just had school till 2 came home played,had summer break and stuff...

    Now its Work,With the girlfriend and out parting. so what happend is people matured and continued with life and its difficulties,
    I still play wow becasue after all those memories i just done want to play another mmo to take its place.

    So since im now a casual player the new stuff is quite nice like LFR and stuff makes me get into the game it self not just level alts and stuff.

    all i wish is for more players to b online and rely more on other people rather then taking the easy way.

    Why would u need LFD if people were looking for everything trough chat again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kcin14 View Post
    WoW has in fact gotten better the problem is people looking at older expansions with nostalgia and saying that they were so much better when content wise they weren't. It was a brand new game and people got very immersed in it but after 10 years people are getting burned out and want something new and WoW can't provide because it's too outdated.
    Na thats wrong. The older versions of the game were in fact better, Don't confuse silly little quality of life changes and catering to the every wim of casuals as making the game better because that's not the case AT ALL. The game has become a million times worse with age. Back in vanilla and throughout BC i had something different to do or some long term project to work on everytime i logged. Nowdays a new player will reach max level in record time and be geared in 3 weeks and have nothing left to do after the first day of reset. Every player goes through the same process of activity everytime they log. Its so generic and stale and its completely fked.
    LFR, removing the rating requirement on gear and combining 10 and 25 lockouts are some of the absolute worst things they have done in the game and have hugeeeeeeeeely degraded it. The burn out part should have been ur reason because that was just something that was naturally going to happen and has happened. The same feeling could def be recreated again with a completely new game engine and new gameplay but its not gonna happen in wow's lifetime. Time to let go of that thought.

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    what if they release a new expansion with 40+ levels?

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    They are gone as much as the OP is gone from this forum..............

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    WoW will never feel fresh and new again because it's not new. It's old.

    That plus the fact that we've all become spoiled and impossible to please are the main problems WoW faces. The game itself, objectively, is a very good game compared to what's average for the market.

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    Wow is never going to be the same, its going to change and evolve over time. You can accept change and move along with the game or you can make whiney posts on mmochampion about how the golden days of the steam engine are past and these airplanes are destroying our communities.

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    You cant put the genie back in the bottle...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jax View Post
    You cant put the genie back in the bottle...
    Basically this quote tells it.

    As much as I'd love to see WoW become a closely knit community again, where you'd know a lot of server people and they'd know you and how you'd treat others would have an impact on your game experience, I doubt it will happen. Blizzard let the genie out of the bottle, brought out the worst in people by injecting anonymity in the game, and I don't believe they will be able to put it back in the bottle.

    All they can do now is to milk it as much as they can until Titan is ready to go.
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