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    Warrior vs Monk and Mage vs Warlock

    Hey all,
    i really can't decide which to make my main and my alt
    any suggestions?
    my main would be : Warrior or a Monk
    My alt would be : Mage or Warlock
    thanks for helping me choosing!

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    Well monk is a really high skill cap. You have to be good to play it. Warriors you have to be good but not as good. The dps of the two is different. So is the tanking. Dps of warrior is pretty straight forward folloe a rotation watch rage. With monks you have to keep certain buffs up while being mobile. Tanking on warriors is sword and board like anyone would expect but monk tanking is active mitigation so you need to be overly concious of mechanics.

    Warlocks are really fun and revamped and intersting. Demonology is a blast to play. But mages just run through people if their good. Regardless of gear.

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    so you would say like, main a warrior and put warlock as a alt?

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    We can't choose what you will play. That's your choice and threads asking what class to play are not allowed here.

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