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    /1 General & /2 Trade Epic Sentences

    What is the most epic line you read on /1 or /2 on your servers no matter if it was funny, stupid, rude etc etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hadoouken View Post
    What is the most epic line you read on /1 or /2 on your servers no matter if it was funny, stupid, rude etc etc
    Was in Org when saw this come up

    2[trade][imaninja] Looking for more for Black Temple run, Transmogs fun run
    2[Trade]<Random> With a name like that i wouldnt go with him
    2[trade][imaninja] Looking for more for black temple run, Transmogs fun run - im not a ninja i swear
    2[Trade][RomFu] Sure thats what they all say!
    2[trade][imaninja] I picked the worse name possible for a rogue didnt i
    2[trade][RomFu] Yep, You sure did
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    "Why is Arthas' horse called invincible when you can clearly see it"

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    2 [Jesus]: Hello God
    2 [God]: Hello my Son

    Then the two proceeded to have a theological argument about the book of Job. Jesus called God a massive prick for relentlessly torturing Job just so he could win a bet against Satan, and God really didn't have an answer to that so the discussion inevitably turned to anal spam and Thunderfury jokes.

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    At first, in TBC. I enjoyed(lol'd etc.) the Dirge spam! But then, now. Many years laters.. this still is going on :'(

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    There was a guy bragging about his achievements in trade the other day calling everyone a loser.

    I asked him if he was trying convince us that he lived in his mom's basement.
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    A well known scammer on my server asked what a shiny new item did, and someone said it gave +200 in scamming. And there was much rejoicing.

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    Should ask my guild master. He's a master in trolling trade chat to the point where he's known for trolling trade chat...! I don't often look at trade chat, so I don't know much :P

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    /2 any1 else find it ironic that we've been buying everything from the chinese since they bombed pearl harbor?

    Followed by about 30 seconds of silence, first time I've ever seen trade chat go quiet for more than half a second on my server.
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