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    From the Goblin patrolling Orgrimmar's rear entrance - Patch 5.3

    Dunno if I'm late since PTR was there for ages

    What happened?
    "Diddly Squat" that's what happened pal!
    Offer money... [Do you wish to pay 100 GOLD? window]
    I see... [closes the window]
    That's more like it!
    Been reinforcing Bettsy Boo... The thing is stronger than Death's Back Plate...
    Bettsy Boo? [closes the window]
    He carries a blue royal thingy on his back like apohecaries did at Orgrimmar's rear enterance (where he despawns) after short walk from the scaffolding near 2nd AH

    edit: there is still that bunny head gob at pleasure palace ;O but 2k is out of my reach, besides boss watchin my back
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    Woop Woop Woop...

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    yay, sylvanas is plotting against garrosh from the shadows
    Frostwolf clan is best clan!
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    I want to roll a druid... still thinking about it since feral is 4 fite

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