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    [Help] Camera Distance Macro

    I was wondering if there was a way to create a macro that will set my camera distance to a certain variable? I ask this because I would like to use the mouse wheel for extra, easy to use keybinds but still have a way to reset my camera distance how I like it in case I leave a vehicle and it's changed.


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    An easier solution would be to set your Zoom In\Out to Shift+Mousewheel Up\Down.

    Gershuun @ Borean Tundra US - Interface & Macros Moderator

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawomous View Post
    An easier solution would be to set your Zoom In\Out to Shift+Mousewheel Up\Down.
    I'm using those as well for keybinding.

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    You shouldn't really need a macro for this at all. Warcraft has built in keyboard bindings for "save view #" and "switch view #" and for zoom in/out. It seems strange to try and do this with a macro and you may not like the options.

    There are a handful of camera movement functions you can call (CameraZoomIn(x), CameraZoomOut(x) MoveView[Up/Down/Left/Right][Start/Stop]()) but those don't set a specific view - instead they change your view by a certain amount, or continuously change the camera until you tell it to stop.

    You could do something like /run CameraZoomIn(10) to make a 'zoom in' macro but not one that sets your zoom to exactly half way zoomed out. It would let you zoom in more or less in a single "jump" than normal but otherwise isn't that useful.

    A much better solution is to use SaveView(x) and SetView(x) where x is a number from 1-5. You put the camera in the location you want it, /run SaveView(1)
    move it to some other location: /run SaveView(2) etc. Then you can swap between them with /run SetView(1) or /run SetView(2). The camera will move exactly where you saved it (baring things like walls that push your camera in closer) I'm not sure why you'd choose to do this with macros because there are already key binds for it, but there you go.

    I suppose you could create an aura to have wow automatically fix your view to "fully zoomed out" when you exit a vehicle, or to jump to some 'nicer' camera position when you hop into one but otherwise I don't really see any advantage to doing it this way.

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    I remember a few years back, I found a macro that zoomed everything out, like 50 times more than possible.

    I think it was /SetMaxDistance 50

    Though I lost it, after a while. Honestly I found it uncomfortable. I warn you, if you set it, it's hard (if not impossible!) to un-set it.

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    An aura that automatically sets your camera to a preset position. Just put your camera somewhere you like and type
    /run SaveView(4)
    The aura should set your camera to that same position when you enter a vehicle. I only spent 5 seconds testing it in ulduar jumping into/out of a vehcile but it seemed to work.

    Though I lost it, after a while. Honestly I found it uncomfortable. I warn you, if you set it, it's hard (if not impossible!) to un-set it.
    You're looking for /console CameraDistanceMax 50
    or /console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 4

    or some combination/variation of those (ie: /run SetCVar("CameraDistanceMaxFactor",4))

    Warcraft takes CameraDistanceMaxFactor and multiplies it by CameraDistanceMax. It forces the product of those two to fall between 0 and 50. If it's smaller it'll just floor it at 0 and if its higher then it gets capped at 50. That number determines the maximum distance you can zoom your camera out. Making either one sufficiently large will do the job.

    if you mean to say playing without that setting is impossible: maybe once you get used to it that's true. If you mean physically impossible to undo the change: You can always unset cvar changes (cameradistancemax and cameradistancemaxfactor are both cvars) by deleting their lines in /wtf/config.wtf Alternatively you can just set the defaults back: /console CameraDistanceMax 15 and /console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 1. Deleting the settings from config.wtf just makes warcraft use the defaults so it's really no different.

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    Thanks everyone, and I didn't even see the camera settings in the keybind window. Never knew those existed. I will try out the keybinds and your method and see which I like better.

    Thanks again!

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