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    They should let SV hunters 'sacrifice' their shots.

    The only reason I've never made a hunter (and the reason I never made a trap-only class until MoP) is because I despise being forced to use my ranged attacks to do real DPS. I love the idea of being ranged but I also don't like ranged abilities. My idea is give SV hunters an option to get a buff to traps (including trap launcher) in lieu of shots. Say shots do 99.9% of your damage (just a random number, I have no idea how much dps SV shots do), you could choose to either use your shots if you like or 'sacrifice' them for a 99.9% buff to your trap damage. It'd be similar to nothing in the game (super unique) which would result in SV being the most special snowflake in all of the World of Warcraft game. Now that there's no minimum range on bows I see no reason not to have this option except you'd get some QQ from people who love their shots and think everybody else should too. (You know, because god forbid people have a choice in playstyle) Hell, they could even make the sacrificng option a slight DPS loss in exchange for not having to manage shots (Black Arrow EW GROSS).

    EDIT: I DIDN'T ACTUALLY MEAN KILL YOUR arrows FOR A BUFF. I used the word sacrifice because my vocabulary is limited and I'ma closested cultist leader who likes to sacrifice goats in my free time on the weekends to give glory to my petless gods.

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    This is getting stupid, please stop.

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    My first thought on the topic (knowing it was a joke thread) was essentially:

    Let hunters sacrifice the use of shots (black arrow, explosive, etc) for a buff to auto shot.
    Bring back Classic hunter raid technique:
    1. Auto shot
    2. Sammich
    3. Loot!

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    I'd like to sacrifice readiness for a small flat dps boost.

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    in before someone makes another parody thread asking for the capacity to sacrifice traps.

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    Can we please get a mod to close these stupid threads.

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    Can we get these threads deleted please... the trolling ones.

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    Guys, please stop making threads to intentionally troll another thread. I'm closing this one and the other. It may have been funny once, which is why I (personally) let it slide, but no more.

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