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    Cant talk to GMs anymore?

    I want to talk to a GM and with the new "send you to website" I cant.

    When i summit the questions and everything the "Sumit Ticket" doesnt work and if my question is not on their tabs it sends me back to the previous site....

    Bugged? intended? Whats going on....

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    It's their new customer service they added in the patch, maybe there's an option on there to find what you need

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    This is new with the latest patch However I have created tickets on the website before the patch and IF they need to talk to you they will contact you in game.

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    GMs will still speak to you if you open a ticket from ingame, even with the new CS interface. You have to be online when they pull your ticket, and it has to be a topic that they are able to discuss (account action disputes/reporting somebody else for something do not qualify).

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    I think is bugged cause any question I make says they dont have an answer. I know is the new system but is stupid that we cant talk to GMs anymore for specific stuff.

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    and yes, you find the drop down where it says "I have an in game issue" then "....Not listed" press submit and type in the issue.

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