Thread: 5.3 PvP Gems

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    5.3 PvP Gems


    Is everyone switching to Deadly Vermilion Onyx for the yellow sockets? I don't feel that Lucent Vermilion Onyx is worth it anymore :\


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    Thats what I've done so far..
    I found a link I thought was alright:
    I like juice

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    Depends on what you play more - MM or BM. BM priority has Mastery over everything else, so in Yellow sockets I've been dropping Agi/Mastery gems. I've also seen a few hunters running full Agi gems (and completely avoiding Socket Bonuses), but haven't tried that yet myself. Definitely drop any sort of Resil gems/enchants you have and replace them.

    Also: don't use Noxxic for anything, ever.

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