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    Anywhere to find a Ra-den guide?!

    I've been looking all over the internet, and I really cannot find ANY guide, whatsoever, on Ra-dens mechanics.
    IS there some guide or overview of his abilities or the fight it self?
    If not, would one care to tell the mechanics?

    As I see it from the kill videos on Youtube, it seems that you kill the same orb all the time, stack behind boss, run out if you get a debuff and use absorbs on Fatal Blow. In p2 you blow BL and go full nuke/heal mode.

    I would like to know what happens if you kill the red orb, then the blue orb, then the red again etc. Wasn't that how it was meant to be?
    What exactly does Fatal Blow? Hits you for 100% of your HP?
    What does the specific orbs do?
    What happens if you DON'T kill the orbs?
    What does the debuff do? AoE damage increasing pr. player standing in it (Like Feng with Arcane AoE debuff)
    What happens at 25%? Increased damage? New abilities?

    I would be very pleased if one could enlighten me, or link me a place where all is described.
    It's only out of pure curiosity, as I don't raid myself, but I'm interested in knowing the fight itself

    Thanks in advance!

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    My god.

    Why on earth does Google NOT find that using the keywords Ra-den guide/how to/explanation etc?!

    Thank you sir/gal.

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