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    20 Valor in LFR?

    Has anyone noticed wierd Valor being awarded before the final boss in a Throne LFR? I was moving through the Zandalari trash between Jin'Rok and Horridon and noticed the top of my screen said something about the 5 people in my group (group 5) recieved 20 valor, each name was in our class colors. Then I looked in my chat log and it said 'You recieved 20 Valor' and I looked in my resources and noticed my Valor had gone up 20 valor.

    How did I get that 20 valor?

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    Some Trashmobs award VPs now.

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    Its in the patch notes.. a pleasant surprise imho
    Ideally no one has ever hit the level cap of the last expansion, looked at their dungeon blues, and thought "I win."


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    So if we don't need horridon we should leave after we kill Stormbringer.

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    it was a small hotfix to add in some VP...probably a reward for clearing so much trash.

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    some of the trash beofre magera also gives valor.
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