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    You know, I've been taking since Wrath, and I've kinda just gotten used to all the kinds of bullshit people pull when I'm tanking. These days I just don't care about much in pugs.

    It still bothers me when people in my normal raid group go balls out in the first 3 seconds of a boss pull. I still need a bit of vengeance to grab the boss, you can't go in gun's ablazin and expect me to hold aggro. This is even more true on aoe, since, as a pally, all my aoe takes time to build.

    Other than that, I just got used to it all. I don't even notice most of it anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triptych View Post
    Hmmm, that's something I did not know! My hunter isn't max level yet, and only learned Stampede quite recently, but I always have a "tanking pet" (my Bear) in one of the five active slots, and his Growl is definitely set to auto-cast. I never use him in a group scenario, and I had no idea he would start growling when he pops out for the Stampede.

    Thanks for the tip!
    glyph of stampede helps alot here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinivus View Post
    Wouldn't get upset about people wanting you to go faster, probably know you and/or your healer can handle a faster pace =3
    Actually, the problem is people seem to think Healers don't OOM at all, have no GCD, and have no problems if the entire party is taking massive amounts of damage. I've been on both the tanking and healing end of groups where the DPS seems to think the healer doesn't run out of mana, they decide to pull ahead of what the group's doing, and we wipe because the healer OOMs. As a tank, I will start off pulling group by group. If the healer's mana doesn't dip at all, I'll start pulling more and more until I see how much the healer can handle.

    And if a DPS tells me to 'go', I feel sorry for you bro, because I learned very quickly how to toss agro around, especially if that particular DPS is doing really high DPS. You will eat dirt so many times it'll make you ragequit the instance. Don't fuck with the tank, do your job and kill the shit the tank pulls, and all will be well :-) You can ASK NICELY for me to pull more, I will query the healer, and if all is green across the board, I will pick up the pace.

    As a healer, if I see a DPS run ahead and pull something, I whisper the tank not to pick it up and let the DPS eat it :-) If you don't like how fast the tank's pulling, drop out and get another group. You are easily replaced. There have been times as a healer where I've either told the tank he can pull more, or I've run ahead and pulled something myself. It's usually a safe bet that if the healer is pulling, the tank should be pulling more lol.

    Thinks I hate most about groups while tanking? Hmm. Healer going AFK and not telling anybody has to be my #1. People who multibox in instances and don't fucking tell anybody. I personally dual box in instances (even the tank and healer sometimes lol), but I have a macro that posts a message in party chat as soon as everyone's in the instance, explaining that I'm multiboxing and which chars are mine. I very, very rarely have anyone complain about it, but I have been in situations where someone is multiboxing and one of their accounts goes down or disconnects or something, and then the other characters they're working with basically go AFK as the player tries to get the other account going again. When that downed account is the healer, it's basically game over.

    Pet classes not turning taunt off is definitely ranked up there.

    When I'm doing 50+% of the group's DPS by myself, and the DPS'ers are pulling barely 10% of what I'm doing (talking pre-level cap here, btw). I've been in level 80-85 instances where I'm pulling, say, 15k DPS as a tank, and the next highest DPS is pulling like 3k. I understand tanks tend to pull a lot of DPS, especially with Vengeance and AoE pulling and whatnot. But normally my DPS isn't THAT much higher than, say, a class that can do good AoE damage. That's called 'carrying the group', and it's not good. On a similar note, as a disc priest, I have topped the DPS charts while leveling in instances. If I was a DPS'er and saw that the healer was pulling twice my DPS AND still healing, I'd probably delete my character lol.

    DPS who queue for a dungeon, then go AFK. I know, tanks typically have insta-queues and no waits to get groups. But I HATE HATE HATE queuing for an instance, and then having to wait out the damned timer because one DPS has decided to AFK and not accept the queue. There have been times where I've been in queue and had SEVEN DPS IN A ROW who did this. Tank, Healer, and two DPS would accept, ready to go, and that one DPS would eventually run out of time and X out. I finally just logged out.

    DPS who go all out on a pull (especially AoE pulls) before I've properly gotten agro. This isn't usually an issue, tank agro has received such a major buff over the past few expansions. But there are times where one ability or another is on CD for like 1 more second, I'm getting ready to pull, and some nutjob starts AoE'ing an entire pack of mobs. I kid you not, I will drop out of tank stance, whichever happens to be the case for whichever tank class I'm playing, and let whoever did that eat dirt. It only takes like 2-3 seconds for me to pull a group and have sufficient agro on them, there's absolutely no need for you to start your rotation before I've even touched a mob.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Triptych View Post
    I don't mind at all if a player requests a faster pace. I'd just prefer they did it politely : "Can we please pick it up a little, I'm sure the group could handle two of these packs at once?" is so much nicer than "go". I thought we'd evolved past the stage of communicating in mono-syllabic grunts.

    But to be honest, I rarely see this. And I don't recall ever experiencing it while I was tanking personally. I probably see it more in forum complaint threads, than in game.

    Hmmm, that's something I did not know! My hunter isn't max level yet, and only learned Stampede quite recently, but I always have a "tanking pet" (my Bear) in one of the five active slots, and his Growl is definitely set to auto-cast. I never use him in a group scenario, and I had no idea he would start growling when he pops out for the Stampede.

    Thanks for the tip!

    I normally try to summon each pet in my current stampede and turn off taunt. If for some reason I forget to do this I'll wait a long while before casting it so I know the pets won't generate so much threat as to taunt off the MT or OT.

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    Last heroic I tanked (15 mins ago), our first healer had an agility polearm...


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    Quote Originally Posted by JudgePayne View Post
    I love tanking, but hate it when... no all tanks are using the same tanking model, warriors (which i am) using the stamina mastery & d/p where other tanks can use stats like crit agility or haste.
    Not true. You can tank 5mans in full dps as a warrior. All you loose is dodge and a tiny bit of block. Your dps gear will have more strength and at least some mastery. Plus the more Vengeance you get the more absorb and damage you will have. >_<

    The only real problem is that to make it right you need a dps-tank gearset with 15exp/7.5hit.
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    I've done plenty of heroics on my brewmaster where I've done more damage than everyone else in the party, and half the time I'm 2nd in dps even on bosses....

    I go as fast as I can already. If DPS pull for me, they can tank whatever they pull; same for hunter pets taunting. I don't get mad or upset, I just don't do anything to save them.

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    if im dpsing or healing ill say GO if you make me sit there for 5minutes waiting on you to pull something

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    most annoying thing for a tank ever:

    you cheese vegeance standing in every shit, not mitigating anything (health strictly in check thanks to self heals, of course)...
    ...vengeance is sky high, time to pot and unleash hell...
    ...the rogue changed target for his tricks.


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