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    Quote Originally Posted by Khedgar View Post
    And this most likely applies to all raids on all modes as they haven't specified any raids/modes.
    Mogu coins only work in tot...
    So its a given

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    looks like its time for a blog post about how this works!

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    To me it's fairly obvious from the wording. 'progressively' would indicate something like 01+basechance on the 2nd roll, 04 on 3rd, 0.1 on 4th, 0.18 on 4th, 0.28 on 5th, 0.4 on 6th, etc etc, up to around 0.89 @ 10 (assuming a 10% base chance)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodfire View Post
    Nah thing is there is idea how to exploit it, simply by tossing up in old LFRs or normals and keeping buff on yourself, than roll to ToT and toss with increased chance.
    Not sure though it would work.
    What happens if you won on a coin roll in LFR ? Then your increased chance of the item you wanted in normal / heroic mode would be gone (I assume the increased win chance from failed rolls resets to zero once you have a successful coin roll) and you'd have wasted all your coins on a worthless LFR item.

    I also assume elder charms and Mogu coins would be seperate so you couldn't just use elder charms to increase your win chance on mogu coins. Even if they aren't seperate..... The chance to win with elder charms in 5.1 raids is already over 30% so there would be a high chance of wasting your increased chance of a specific TOT item on some worthless piece of 5.1 LFR gear.
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    i rolled my heroic ring today off jin rok :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodfire View Post
    Well last run I tossed about 8 coins in a row and 8 times it was gold.
    So guess RNG is fkin RNG.
    Why do people think they're entitled to loot every raid? That's not how it works in real raiding.

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    on the plus side you can re run LFR targetting a specific boss multiple times till you get it

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    I think the OP is confused about this subject:

    • Bonus rolls, Treasures of the Thunder King, Amber Encased Treasure Pouch, Cache of Mogu Riches, and Dividends of the Everlasting Spring now have a small chance to award a larger than usual amount of gold.
    • Bonus Roll
      • Protection for bad luck streaks have been added to bonus rolls. Each bonus roll that does not provide loot has a progressively better chance to award loot to the player.
    only 2 changes: bad luck protection (which isn't a flat buff) and a small change to get a bigger gold reward.
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    anyone know if this is both types of coins together? or just Mogu ones?

    meaning, yes the 5.1 have a MUCH higher chance, but could I run old LFR - use coins until i get 2-3 failed rolls in a row, then go do first boss ToT HC - use coin with a +2 factor?

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    Its a bonus roll an extra chance to get free shit. I am not sure why all the complaining? You have bad luck, that sucks but the game is based around RNG.

    My 10 man raid in the previous 4 weeks has seen 17 vanquishers tokens out of 20 drops, 6 of them wasted or offspeced. Shit happens.

    RNG is RNG.

    What is it you would like? To do some dailies that take 20 minutes get 3 free rolls a week that always work and let you pick your item from the bosses loot table?
    Blizzard is pandering so much to this whining this might actually come to fruition in 5.4.

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    Imagine the regular chance is 15% and they'd add that up with each failed roll.

    1. 15%
    2. 30%
    3. 45%
    4. 60%
    5. 75%
    6. 90%
    7. 100%

    That's still over two IDs of barren run and in the end you'll probably end up getting a piece you already possess because somebody at the Blizz HQ hates you exclusively

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    Applies to pet battle loot too, chance of getting a flawless stone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dasani View Post
    Just too bad it doesn't count all the failed rolls you've done thus far

    I still dread winning a bonus roll for some piece of trash I don't even want or need when the boss drops a couple of other things i'd rather have. That is the disappointing part.
    Gotta love the gamble. Besides, if you got everything you wanted right away... you would be too happy and content. No one wants happy or content. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tharkkun View Post
    I would also get HabeebiT or another mod that shows the loot your eligible for based on the spec you queued for. I think a lot of people just roll when there isn't an item they want anyways.
    This functionality is provided in the default UI. Open the raid journal, click on ToT, click on the boss, and set the filter to your class/spec.

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    I hope they don't bring back bonus rolls in future expansions. They add a new way to get some extra loot and the reaction from the player base is "it's not good enough!".

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    Burned 3 fargin mogu's this week etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatthefudge View Post
    I hope they don't bring back bonus rolls in future expansions. They add a new way to get some extra loot and the reaction from the player base is "it's not good enough!".
    What has been seen cannot be unseen... As with flying and LFR, now it's in the game the backlash would be huge if it was removed :-P

    Couldn't care less, pretty sure it took about half a year to get full tier1 on my rogue in classic. In MoP 70% of my gear has come from bonus rolls.

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    A better chance at loot is nice but it would be even better if it didn't give you the same loot you already have.
    Every time I coin meg I get the neck or a sack of tears/gold, which I already have. No offhand, no boots, no trinket, just that damn neck.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lohe View Post
    If you're semi-hardcore or semi-casual what's the other half? To me, they're both the same thing.
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